November 15, 2010

Honeycomb Lovey

This is a Honeycomb pattern using the Box stitch also called the Double Rib stitch.

honey comb lovey honeycomb lovey

honey comb lovey honeycomb lovey

Honeycomb Lovey

Design by: Kristen Mangus

This honeycomb lovey pattern was originally made as a sample and could be used on a larger loom and stitched together for a nice blanket. This is not to be confused with the honeycomb stitch which is different in technique and look. I hope you enjoy the honeycomb lovey for your sweet one.


Knifty Knitter yellow long loom with 18 pairs of pegs or 38 pegs in the round.
Boucle (yarn used mill ends; undetermined manufacturer).  Use 2 strands held as one. 1 skein or 2 in order to hold 2 strands as one.
Stitches:This is a Honeycomb pattern using the Box stitch also called the Double Rib stitch.


Cast on in double rib stitch. (similar to the triple rib but only 2 consecutive pegs next to each other then jump to the opposite board.)
Rows 1-12: Double rib pattern
Rows 13: Shift pattern over 1 peg so the wrap pattern alternates. (see photos)
Rows 13-24: Double rib pattern Offset
Repeat Rows 1-24 one more time and bind off.
Two Bind off/Cast off options:
Use basic bind off method and finish loose cast on edge with crochet hook to tighten edge.
Use stretchy bind off method to get a loose stretchy edge.  To get this look add one more wrap and knit off before moving on to next bind off.  See video; example in triple rib but is still similarly worked. (
(Updated editors Note 2015: This honeycomb lovey pattern was written and photos taken in 2010. New skills and techniques/ refinement learned by Author since then..  There are cleaner options added such as the stretchy bind off. The right side of the photo shows using a slipped stitch but not the left side of the loom. We recommend using a slip stitch on both ends for a cleaner edge on your Honeycomb Lovey)
Honey Comb Lovey honeycomb lovey

Box stitch 12 rows, change up pegs and shift pattern over a peg so that pattern alternates,
12 more rows of box stitch and repeat 2 more times.

honeycomb lovey honey comb lovey
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