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New Needle Resource Uploaded – k1tbl

New Needle Resource Uploaded – k1tbl

Knit 1 through back loop


K1tbl or K1 tbl or K1b

Most commonly k1tbl, these stitches all do the same thing.  They all knit in the back of the loop to produce a twisted type of knit stitch.  This forces the normal V look to the stitch into a Y and is stretchier.

We have written a new resource with more information include ding a tutorial video.  Click HERE to check it out.

Happy Knitting!

Go straight to the video HERE to bypass our Resource area



P.S. For loom knitters you will already know this stitch as the E-wrap stitch.  When you spy this abbreviation, k1tbl or others above, in a needle pattern just use your e-wrap stitch. Hope this helps!