November 28, 2017

Santa Sombrero Llama Ornament

Santa Sombrero Llama Ornament

Llama wish you a Merry Christmas with this fun Santa Sombrero Llama ornament.  This adorable little guy will bring a touch of South America to your Christmas tree.  Don’t quote me on this, but I’ve heard rumors that Prancer and Vixen just don’t have the stamina anymore for the full package delivery and Santa uses llamas as backup in the Southern hemisphere.  It could just be a rumor, but I think I read it on the internet so there’s probably a lot of truth behind it.

Santa Sombrero Llama Ornament image


1 9″ x 12″ sheet of red felt

Llama ornament from World Market or make your own.

Cording or thin yarn for trim  – I used Bernat Pipsqueak in color Whitey White and Bernat Handicrafter Holidays in Sparkle Red and Sparkle White.


Glue gun
Measuring tape
Crochet Hook for cording or yarn
Optional: Tiny jingle bells

Llama wish you a Merry Christmas with this fun Santa Sombrero Llama ornament. #goodknitkisses #llamalove



  1. Cut out a 3” circle for hat. Cut a 3/4” hole in the middle.
  2. Cut out a 2” circle for top of hat.
  3. Make a slit in the 2″ circle from the outer edge to the center. Beginning with one side of the slit roll the edge around the circle to form a cone.  Glue the outer flap down.  Push the top of the cone inward to form the top of the hat.
  4. Insert top of cone into small hole of large circle from underneath. Secure with glue around the inside edge.
  5. Glue Pipsqueak yarn around edge of sombrero for accent.
  6. Cut slits in hat for llama’s ears. (optional)

Llama wish you a Merry Christmas with this fun Santa Sombrero Llama ornament. #goodknitkisses #llamalove


  1. Cut 4×6 rectangle out of felt.
  2. Fold the rectangle in half along long edge,  Cut a 2” slit on the fold. This is the back of the poncho neck.
  3. With the slit facing you fold the flap on one side back to form a triangle.  Use the glue gun secure the flap to the poncho with a dot of glue.  Repeat for the other side.  These two flaps form the collar of the poncho.
  4. Glue Pipsqueak yarn all the way around the edges beginning at one corner.  Be sure to follow the edges of the flaps notjust the outer edge.

Dress your llama:

  1. If needed remove any existing embellishments from your llama.
  2. Tie an 8″ piece of yarn around the middle of your llama to make the hanging loop.  Tie the ends of the hanging loop together to secure it.
  3. Place poncho on the back of the llama and mark where the hangar is located.  Cut a small slit for the hanging loop.  Thread hanger through slit in poncho
  4. Secure the front of the poncho around the llama’s neck by overlapping the flaps and tacking with glue.
  5. (optional) Cut clits in top of hat for cording to tie on the sombrero.  Feed each end of the cord through the top of the hat and leave the long enough to tie under the llama’s chin.  Attach mini jingle bells to ends of cord.
  6. Glue the sombrero to the top of the llamas head.


Santa Sombreror Llama Pin

Here’s the video!


Be sure to share your Santa Sombrero Llama Ornament project pics on social media and tag them with #goodknitkisses and #llamalove so I can find them.

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Llama wish you a Merry Christmas with this fun Santa Sombrero Llama ornament. #goodknitkisses #llamalove

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