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Small Quick Knit Flower

Small Quick Knit Flower

Small Quick Knit Flower is a modified smaller version of Denice Johnson’s Quick Knit Flower pattern.  With Denice’s permission we are publishing the pattern again with the slight change to get this look.  Send photos of your flowers and we’ll feature them here. Thanks Denice! -Kristen Mangus

Small Quick Knit Flower

Designed by Denice Johnson

The small quick knit flower is something that you can throw together fast when you’re short on time and have little yarn to work with.


Knitting Loom:  

12 peg round loom



medium weight in any colour



knitting tool, tapestry needle, accent button



K-Knit stitch


Pattern note:

use one strand throughout the entire project; pattern is worked in the round



Drawstring Cast On

Gathered Bind Off



Drawstring cast on 12 pegs, work in the round


Rounds 1-5:

knit to the end of round


Round 6:

knit peg 1, knit peg 2, place the stitch from peg 2 on peg 1 and knit over

place yarn over peg 2, knit peg 3, knit peg 4, place the stitch from peg 4 on

peg 3 knit over.  Repeat for the remainder of the row.


Rounds 7-11:

knit to the end of round



Using gathered bind off, bind off all pegs

Tighten and tie string end and cut.  This will be the bottom of the flower

Give the flower a little tug at picot edges

Secure small quick knit flower at the middle with the accent button to your project.


We hope you enjoyed the Small Quick Knit Flower for the loom.  Be sure to post a photo on social media and tag @GoodKnitKisses to spread the loomy love!

Happy Looming!!  -Kristen


Quick Knit Flower Headband

Small Quick Knit Flower Headband

Change to video: Cast on 12 pegs instead of 24; knit 5 rows instead of 6; work row 6 like row 7 in video; knit 5 more rows not 6.

Video loom along tutorial courtesy of permission by Denice Johnson.  Thank you Denice!