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Quick Knit Flower Headband

Quick Knit Flower Headband

A Flower Headband is super-cute, right?

Just in time for spring Denice Johnson has created the Quick Knit Flower Headband using her Small Quick Knit Flower pattern.  We are re-publishing with additional steps to make this cute Quick Knit Flower Headband .   Thanks Denice! -Kristen Mangus

Quick Knit Flower Headband

Designed by Denice Johnson

The Quick Knit Flower Headband is another cute way to use the Small Quick Knit Flower


Knitting Loom: 

12 peg round loom



medium weight in any colour



knitting tool, tapestry needle, accent button



K-Knit stitch (Use flat or u-knit stitch)


Pattern note:

use one strand throughout the entire project; pattern is worked in the round



Drawstring Cast On

Gathered Bind Off



Make a total of 5 flowers

Drawstring cast on 12 pegs, work in the round

Rounds 1-5: knit to the end of round

Round 6: knit peg 1, knit peg 2, place the stitch from peg 2 on peg 1 and knit over

place yarn over peg 2, knit peg 3, knit peg 4, place the stitch from peg 4 on

peg 3 knit over.  Repeat for the remainder of the row.

Rounds 7-11: knit to the end of round



Using gathered bind off, bind off all pegs.

Give the flower a little tug at picot edges.

Choose which side will be face side up and tie ends on opposite end. Leave a 4″ tail for tying onto band.

Make an i-cord on two pegs using one strand of yarn work for 30″or desired length. Knot ends of cord but do not attach ends to each other. You will be tying i-cord in a bow as you wear it.

Tie on the five flowers to the i-cord starting 3rd flower in the center of the cord and place 2 flowers on either side evenly.

Sew on accent buttons as desired.

(Note from Kristen, start and finish i-cord with a button or an extra flower so when the string dangles it’s decorative; make i-cord longer for longer hair as needed or desired)


We hope you enjoyed the Quick Knit Flower Headband  for the loom.  Be sure to post a photo on social media and tag @GoodKnitKisses to spread the loomy love!

Happy Looming!!  -Kristen

Alternate Quick Knit Flower Headband

Alternate Quick Knit Flower


Change to video: Cast on 12 pegs instead of 24; knit 5 rows instead of 6; work row 6 like row 7 in video; knit 5 more rows not 6.  Video does not include how to make the smaller version or i-cord.

Video loom along tutorial courtesy of permission by Denice Johnson.  Thank you Denice!

-Denice Johnson 2015