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Surreal Movie Experience

Surreal Movie Experience
Warning: this post not for the weak-stomached
Surreal Movie Experience
So hubby & I took time to preview a kids movie before vacationing to maybe watch with the kids. We sat in the last available seats right as the movie starts on the main floor level where traffic runs (it was that or front row). As the movie (Echo) gets to about 2/3 in a few people lead kids out to the restroom. I notice some of it but am very into the movie by now. A mom & daughter come back & shortly after a worker quickly dusts along the pathway a super fragrant powder towards where they walked. I noticed the smell on his way back and what was on the floor. Obviously the child vomited but must be ok since they are back. I don’t know where they sit or if they are going back up behind me or just to the right. Stick with me that’s important.
Now the smell was already getting powerful to me. I’m highly sensitive to cleaning products and fragrances but now hubby starts whispering about it bothering him. A splash happens behind me and I’m thinking a drink is spilled. Nope. I look back in the dark. Something has happened so to grab my bag to move, from the side on the floor, in front of me. It’s wet. Milky, chunky, wet. I go clean up in the bathroom and thankfully it wasn’t much. My bag is washable but purse and knitting things inside are dry. Whew!
People are in the bathroom and I’m thinking out loud. “Why would anyone bring their sick kid to a movie?”. A mom heard me and sees me cleaning my bag. The family next to her has the one who got sick and she took her kids to go to the restroom and wash hands. They had been in the row in front of the vomit trail and smelled, felt and heard it all. We mutter about cleaning vomit and I head back in.
Hubby is waiting on me to see if we shall go back in. Now I’m still assuming that the girl behind me was the first girl and her mom is just being terrible by keeping her there. So we decide to try the first row or two and try to catch the end of the movie. I don’t see in the dark well and have to rely on hubby to navigate. Stupidly I blaze ahead of him. I barely sit down on the 3rd row from the front and hubby whispers to me, “Come on! We gotta go!”. I look at the end of the row and on the floor is a giant spot of puke!! How the heck did I dance around that?!  I pass a family with horrible looks on their faces as a grown man is now trying to hold back his own stomach convulsions as we pass by. We run in front of the screen to exit. I look back and see many others jumping up and leaving. I felt like it was dawn of the zombies and we were the main characters…run for your lives!!!!
We made it out with a line of others behind us and crying children to the main ticket booth. The quickly refunded our money and we left.
As we left hubby recounted he thought no less then 7 were affected of what we saw and I dare say others were likely to crop up. The movie wasn’t even finished.
We think it was food poisoning and the little ones got it first. It makes me think it was the popcorn or something like that to effect that many people. So next time you decide to go to the movies….ok well…maybe next time stay at home like I will be and watch Netflix.
P.s. We came home and threw clothes and my bag in the wash on sanitize and took showers. My body is reeling just waiting for the boom if we get sick. We both had the pizza and a box candy. Please let it be the popcorn!
I feel like we just experienced the same from Goonies
Chunk meet Munch at Echo
Hope you had fun reading this…perhaps I should have waited to post on Halloween. It’s pretty creepy! No zombies for me. This is so surreal.