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Double Dip Stitch | Loom Knit

Double Dip Stitch | Loom Knit
Double Dip Stitch Hat

Double Dip Stitch Pattern for loom knitting and Double Dip Stitch Hat pattern included after.

(Editors note: I hope you enjoy the Double Dip Stitch pattern and Double Dip Stitch Hat.  I can’t test and video all patterns but hope you enjoy seeing new designs and designers.  Please comment or click a heart!  -Kristen Mangus)   

Double Dip Stitch

Designer: Dedi Herold Boyer


I created the Double Stitch pattern myself! Use the double dip stitch to make a hat (pattern for hat outlined below) and a matching scarf.


36 peg round loom

Hobby Lobby’s Yarnology 36 peg round knitting loom was used in sample.



At most, 268 yards of #5 Bulky Weight yarn.

Loops & Threads Charisma Yarn in Fuschia was used in sample.



Knitting tool


Yarn needle to weave in ends.



K = true knit stitch

P = purl stitch



Double Dip Stitch:

K peg 1 then wrap same peg from behind to get working yarn in front and P same peg, repeat these two stitches on each peg all the way around the loom.

Double Dip Stitch

Double Dip Stitch close up

Pattern Notes:

This pattern was one I came up with myself. Any similarities to a pattern already in print are simply a coincidence.-Dedi


INSTRUCTIONS for Double Dip Stitch Hat:

Cast on:

Cast on 36 pegs.  The e-wrap cast on was used for the sample however you can use the cast on of your choice.

Make a ribbed brim.

Ribbed Round 1: *K, P* repeat between *,* until end of round

repeat Ribbed Round 1 for 10 total rounds.


Main Stitch pattern:

 Round 1: K all pegs

Round 2: P all pegs

Round 3: K all pegs

Round 4: P all pegs

Round 5: K all pegs

Round 6: Double Dip Stitch  (see above for instructions).

Repeat Rounds 1-6: until desired length is reached.


Bind off:

Modified gathered or drawstring bind off.

Weave in ends.

Double Dip Stitch Hat


Editor’s notes: We hope you enjoy making the Double Dip Stitch and Hat.  Thank you to Dedi for sharing her pattern.  Please note that Kristen has not tested the pattern. -Edited by Carol Lilydot.


Dedi Boyer
Although originally from South Texas; I currently reside in North Texas. I am the mom to two rambunctious boys who are my pride and joy and keep a smile on my face! I have been loom knitting for a little over a year and absolutely love this hobby! Along with Loom Knitting, I also metal detect, hunt and fish. I really enjoy the outdoors. Please feel free to contact me via Facebook

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