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Marshmallow Crochet Baby Hat with matching baby blanket!


The Marshmallow Crochet Baby Blanket was such a hit that a matching hat was needed. In response to many requests, I designed not one but TWO hats!! One has an added frill to make it a bit more “girly”. The style is a nice fluffy baby hat with lots of texture. Samples shown in photo as striped but can be made solid or any number of stripe colors to your liking.  you could even use a much larger hook for a teen to adult size!


Marshmallow Crochet Baby Hat (s)

By Kristen Mangus




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The Ultimate Oval Loom 3

Video Crochet Along {shown using N/ 10mm hook}



Newborn – Toddler sizes. Change hook size up or down for smaller-larger fit.

Newborn – 6 mths+ – 15” circumference/ 7” length; blue and white samples.

{Baby 6 mths + – Toddler – 17” – 20” Circumference/ 8” length; purple sample}.


Tools & Yarn:

Crochet Hook size{s} L/8.0mm {N/10mm}

Bernat Baby Blanket yarn used in sample. Super Bulky 6 weight.

Approx 40 yards Color A – Blue {approx 70 yards used in Purple}

Approx 40 yards Color B – White

Closable stitch marker, tapestry needle, scissors and tape measure.



ch – chain

dc – double crochet

sc – single crochet

ss – slip stitch



3 stitches and 6 rows = 4 inches in Textured Stitch pattern

Pattern Notes:

The Marshmallow Crochet Baby Hat Pattern is worked in rounds but work is turned after most rounds to achieve pillowed texture look. The striped version is written, for solid color continue working until desired length. The striped samples are shown in smaller size and solid is larger. Use closable stitch marker to mark outside of the hat. Brackets { } refer to larger size. To add frill, omit the last round (10) written and use directions for Frill Edge.


Textured Stitch (general instructions):

Hook a single crochet followed by 2 double crochet into the same chain (Noted: sc & 2 dc or “textured stitch”). The directions will be instructed how many, if any, chains to skip. On a shaping/decrease row some textured stitches only have 1 double crochet; follow as written on Round.


Magic Circle:

Step 1: Start with a 6” tail over the inside of your hand along the 4 fingers. The end of the tail will be at your “pinky” or 4th finger. Wrap the working yarn around the index finger one time.

Step 2: Next wrap the index finger a second time but cross over the top of the finger as an X toward the 2nd finger.

Step 3: Move the working yarn under the 2nd finger and pinch between the 3rd finger to hold tension.

Step 4: With crochet hook put hook under first loop and grab the second loop pulling it under the first.

Marshmallow Crochet Baby Hat

Magic Circle Photo Tutorial

Step 5: Rotate the hook to “yarn over” and chain with the yarn between your first two fingers.


Step 6: Your Magic Circle has been started and a circle has been made. Carefully slid the circle off your finger and hold circle open.


Step 6: Ch 2.


Step 7: 8 dc inside circle


Step 8: Pull tail tight to close circle. SS to close Magic Circle.



Marshmallow Crochet Baby Hat

Main Pattern:

Round 1: Ch 2, 2 dc in 1st stitch from the hook. *In the next ch sc & 2 dc (1 textured stitch pattern) in same stitch*. Repeat between *,* around circle. SS in last stitch pulling through last loop in Color B. Place a closable stitch marker in middle circle to mark Right Side.

Round 2: Ch 2. Turn work. 2 dc in 1st stitch. *Skip 1 ch, textured stitch in same stitch*. Repeat between *,*. SS in last stitch.


Round 3: Ch 2. Turn. 2 dc in 1st stitch. *Skip 2 ch, textured stitch in same stitch*. Repeat between *,* around circle. SS; Color Change in last stitch pulled through.


Shaping or “Decrease” – one textured stitch is smaller this round only to shape hat.

Round 4: Ch 2. Turn. 2 dc in 1st stitch. *Skip 2 ch, textured stitch, skip 2 ch, textured stitch, skip to ch, sc & 1 dc in same stitch*. Repeat between *,* around. SS in last stitch.


Round 5: Repeat Round 3; then change color on SS.


Round 6: Repeat Round 3.


Round 7: Repeat Round 3; then change color on SS.


Round 8: Repeat Round 3.


Round 9: Repeat Round 3; then change color on SS.

Marshmallow Crochet Baby Hat

Marshmallow Crochet Baby Hat with Frill Edge

**Round 10: Ch 2. Repeat Round 3. SS last round to fasten off. Weave in tails.


**Alternate Frill Edge Round 10: Ch 2. Turn. 2 dc in 1st stitch. *Into the back loop only of the next chain, crochet textured stitch*. Repeat between *,* around. SS last round to fasten off. Weave in tails.


If longer length needed, repeat rounds and change colors as needed until desired length; leave Frill Round 10 until the last row if needed.


Try different colors and yarns for your own personal style and color palette for your Marshmallow Crochet Baby Hat.


(Special note)

The Marshmallow Crochet Baby Hat stitch makes a nice fluffy baby hat, cocoon or blanket with lots of texture; it is not a tight stitch and should not be used on unattended baby for risk of catching fingers.


I hope you have enjoyed the Marshmallow Crochet Baby Hat!


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