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Hooded Wrap

Hooded Wrap

Make a Hooded Wrap or Hooded Cape loom knitting!  Learn how to read a pattern and make this beautiful Hooded Wrap by Kathy Norris with our Loom Along Video.

Hooded Wrap

Reading a Loom Knitting Pattern; taught like a class & tutorial! Grab your favorite beverage and a notepad then Loom Along! Permission for Loom Along and tutorial for pattern reading by Leisure Arts. Presenting the Hooded Wrap as it appears in “Big Book of Loom Knitting” by Kathy Norris. Find your copy at the following link.

Choose “Digital Download” or “Paperback” link http://goo.gl/wSgEhs

In this video you will learn, as sitting in a virtual classroom, how to read a loom knit pattern & diagram for hooded wrap or hooded cowl. The first part of the class takes you through reading and understanding how the pattern is laid out. The pattern is broken down in in bite size chunks. The second part of class is a “Loom Along” working through the pattern knitting step by step to completion of the whole hooded wrap pattern courtesy of Leisure Arts. More loom knitting books to come and a separate review and GIVEAWAY will follow each in our series! Are you excited yet?!

Thank you Leisure Arts!

(To jump ahead in the video to the loom along click here http://youtu.be/bZBW8vGxEnY?t=15m29s)

BOOK REVIEW & GIVEAWAY!! (coming soon)

Links referenced in video:
Loom Gauge article and Charts http://goo.gl/qfWJRp
Swatching or Making a Gauge Swatch http://goo.gl/PgICB4
Yarn Class 101 Yarn Lingo http://goo.gl/EXKpjl
Blocking article and video http://goo.gl/PnIiI2

Leisure Arts on Ravelry http://goo.gl/TRiC0F
Leisure Arts on YouTube http://goo.gl/ubIl2C
Kathy Norris on Ravelry http://goo.gl/ZKMxfQ

Link to Knitting Loom: Discontinues. Try Boye, Loops & Threads or search on Ebay, Amazon and Cricut for Knifty Knitter. Kiss looms has adjustable gauge and size. 40-50 pegs nearly3/4″ gauge
Link to Loom Tool at Knitting Board http://goo.gl/TtjCij
Link to Yarn: Lion Brand Lion’s Pride Woolspun Violet http://goo.gl/QU2kyl
Pattern Reading 102 | Loom Knit | Hooded Wrap found in Big Book of Loom Knitting by Kathy Norris and Leisure Arts

Happy Looming!!
Kristen at GoodKnit Kisses


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