June 27, 2014

How to Wet Block your Knitting

Wet Block your knitting may sound scary or foreign but the fact is it can make your project sing!  It will make the stitches even out and open lace wok and cables nicely.

How to Wet Block your Knitting

“Even the professionals block”

There are ways to steam knitting that can kill synthetic yarns but wet blocking is perfect for all types of yarn, is cheap and simple.

The following I had previously blogged on another post for my mitered picot lovey.  You can find the original patterns for the layette set at this link (click here) but I wanted to give blocking its own blog.  Thanks for reading.  Be sure to subscribe and comment below.  Thanks! -Kristen

“A simple wet block to knitting evens your work.”wet blockwet block

picot lovey mitered square blocking

Blocking instructions:
I suggest a wet block approach.  This is safe for all types of yarn.
If you have a machine washable fiber you can run it through the wash on gentle then follow pinning instructions below.  If a natural fiber or delicate stitches like lace, wash by hand with a recommended mild detergent then follow pinning instructions below.


Washing Instructions:

picot lovey mitered square blocking

I prefer washing by hand in my plastic basin, to wet block, with a product called Soak. This detergent is formulated to not need rinsing. Mix with one tsp of detergent to 1 gallon of water.  Use spring or filtered tap. Mix up with your hand in a clean sink or basin. Place knitting in and let soak in for 15 minutes. Gently squeeze the water out or place in a dry white towel and roll.  Knitting will be damp.

(I originally bought my blocking set with tub and “Soak” on Craftsy. click here but I’m not affiliated with them, I just love the product.)

picot lovey mitered square
Pinning Instructions:
Blocking Board(s) or clean kids play-mats
T-pins that are rust-resistant.  These are reusable.

Lay knitting on blocking board (a towel on cardboard or child’s foam letter block play-mat works, too) and pin the corners evenly with 1 pin in each corner.  On one side start pinning behind each picot to have a nice straight line. Adjust corner pins as necessary.  Repeat for adjacent side and work your way to the corner opposite your first starting pin.  Try to match the sizing pinned from the first side. Now skip the adjacent side and go to the side opposite of the 2nd side you pinned.  After pinning behind each picot (the edge in this example).  Adjust the pins as needed and complete the last side.

For small items that need shape, try a clean water spray bottle to spray onto your knitting that is over a dish or even a balloon to give some shape to your wet block.

Leave knitting until it is dry.  Be sure to place in a well ventilated area with good air circulation. We hope this article has helped you learn to wet block.  Please leave a comment if you need more help.

Happy Knitting!

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    I checked Craftsy and the “Blocking set” product is no longer available. Message I got after clicking link:
    “We’re sorry, but the product you were looking for is no longer available. Please check out these great products instead!”

    Oh well. 🙁

    • Kristen Mangus

      Sorry about that! Unfortunately products come and go but I believe the Soak you can get on their site. The tub I’m sure could be something you can purchase elsewhere or use a storage container or another type bin or bowl. I’d just make sure whatever you use is clean before use. My best to you! 🙂

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