September 5, 2018

Chic Fingerless Mitts | Needle and Loom Knit

Chic Fingerless Mitts

By Kristen Mangus

Can you feel it?  It’s barely there, but there is just a hint of crispness to the air first thing in the morning.  I know it’s technically still summer, but fall is just around the corner.  I can’t wait until the thermometer finally drops below sweltering so I can finally wear my new mitts.  My Chic Fingerless Mitts are the perfect blend of stylish and fun.

Chic Fingerless Mitts with coffee

A few months back I was invited to take part in Marly Bird’s Chic Sheep Designer Blog Tour.  I’d already been using this incredibly soft yarn so I knew I wanted to be a part of the fun.

Then the struggle began.  What should I make?  Scarf, cowl, hat, shawl?  Aha, I know… fingerless mitts. Mitts are perfect for crisp fall days. And they insulate your hand from a steaming hot Pumpkin Spice Latte making them an essential fall accessory.  Then I had to decide if I should design a pattern for the loom or for needles?  I couldn’t decide so I did BOTH.

Yes!  Chic Fingerless Mitts can be worked on either knitting needles or a knitting loom in 3 different sizes.  The mitts are worked in the round with solid ribbed cuffs, easy thumb opening and distinctive zig-zag striping.   This easy pattern knits up quickly so it’s great for gifting.

Chic Fingerless Mitts woman holding coffee cup

Chic Fingerless Mitts woman sipping coffee

Thanks to Summer Cromartie for being an amazing model.  You’re the best!

Needle knitters, scroll on down for the free pattern and tutorial videos for right and left handers.

Loom knitters, click here to go the loom knit version with tutorial videos showing the pattern knit both clockwise and counter clockwise on the loom.

Needle Knit Chic Fingerless Mitts

Chic Fingerless Mitts with yarn and supplies


Contrast A Red Heart Chic Sheep (100g / 3.5oz, 170 m / 186 yards) Poolside
Contrast B Red Heart Chic Sheep (100g / 3.5oz, 170 m / 186 yards) Mai Tai

Needles US 7 (4.5mm) double pointed needles, set of 4 needles.
Stitch marker


Approx = Approximate(ly)
K = Knit
K1below = Knit into next stitch 1 row below, at same time, slipping off stitch above
Rep = Repeat
St(s) = Stitch(es)


4 sts x 5 rows in 1” in zig zag pattern




Small (Medium, Large)


Small: 7.75” x 6.75” (19.5 cm x 17 cm)
Medium: 8.75” x 6.75” (22.5 cm x 17 cm)
Large: 9.75” x 6.75” (25 cm x 17 cm)


(Make 2)

With A cast on 28 [32, 36] sts. Divide sts on 3 needles leaving at least 10 stitches on last needle. Join in rnd, place marker on first st for beg of rnd.

CUFF – In contrast A only
Work 1 1/2” (4 cm) in (K2, P2) ribbing. (10 rounds).

1st rnd:  With A purl.
2nd rnd: With B K1. *K1below. K1. Rep from * to end of rnd.
3rd rnd: With B purl.
4th rnd: With A K1. *K1below. K1. Rep from * to end of rnd.
Rep these 4 rnds in zig zag pattern seven more times. (32 rounds total)

1st rnd:  With A purl.
2nd rnd: With B K1. *K1below. K1. Rep from * to end of rnd.
3rd rnd: With B purl to last 8 sts, loosely bind off 6, [6, 7] sts. Purl to end of rnd.
4th rnd: With A, K1. *K1below. K1. Rep from * to first bound off stitch. Cast on 6, [6, 7] sts using backwards loop cast on. Knit to end of rnd.

1st rnd:  With A purl.
2nd rnd: With B K1. *K1below. K1. Rep from * to end of rnd.
3rd rnd: With B purl.
4th rnd: With A K1. *K1below. K1. Rep from * to end of rnd.
Rep rnds 1-4 once more then rep rnds 1-2.

CUFF – In contrast B only
With B work about 1” (2.5 cm) in K2, P2 ribbing. (6 rounds).

Bind off in pattern loosely. Weave in all ends.


Chic Sheep Fingerless Mitts Pin Image

Chic Fingerless Mitts Right-handed Tutorial

Chic Fingerless Mitts Left-handed Tutorial

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