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Crafting Comminity – Knit & Crochet

Crafting Comminity – Knit & Crochet

Kristen at GoodKnitKisses hosts International Loom Knit and Crafting Club. This is a fluid and changing CREATIVE community that is open 24/7 for YOU, the crafter in Fibre Arts!  

Follow GoodKnitKisses on YouTube, Twitter and especially our Facebook Group to hang with other crafters. We range from young to not as young, newbie to expert and everything in between! Everyone is super helpful, encouraging and creative! If you are in a slump, just ask for help at 3am and someone will answer soon I promise! We have many international fans to chime in as well so it really is a 24 hour/ 7 day a week community! Have fun and Happy Looming!! -Kristen  

More on GoodKnitKisses:Free Video tutorials on how to knit without needles on a loom, crochet, crafts and a few easy short cooking videos. Learn how to use a loom and patterns to make items on them. Various loom Along videos are constantly being created, filmed, produced and uploaded to YouTube just for you! Create your own design after learning the basics or loom along with Kristen at GoodKnitKisses as you go! Mikey aka Micheal Sellick at the Crochet Crowd, also has featured videos on crochet basics and crochet along tutorials as well. Get the latest loom and loom knit book reviews in video blogs as well! These are free to you!

Kristen does sell a few select patterns at and her ETSY shop. In the future these may be offered in full video form as an unlimited rental on YouTube if we get enough positive feedback! 🙂

Scroll down on the main channel page (main page from the YouTube link) To FEATURED PLAYLISTS. These are organized categories to help you navigate to the area you want first. Click the title and get your own personal link to bookmark for that playlist in the future! How cool is that?! If you play a video in the list, the next video will pop up right after the other is finished; this eliminates searching high and low! We hope you join us!! Happy Crafting!! -Kristen