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Daisy Chains and Laughs Beanie | Crochet

Daisy Chains and Laughs Beanie | Crochet

“Daisy Chains and Laughs” Beanie is a fun spring or summertime hat that will brighten your day!  Check out the hat our newest blogger, Stephanie Saracco, put together from several different video patterns from YouTubers Crochet Jewel, Anna Phelps & Yolanda Soto Lopez.  As a YouTuber myself I know they would enjoy sweet comments. So if you enjoy this blog please send them some love if you try it, okay? We hope it inspired you to take patterns and add your own spin of embellishments.  I hope you are ready for Spring after this, I know I am!  Thank you Stephanie for sharing your Daisy Chains and Lace Beanie with us. – Kristen Mangus at GoodKnit Kisses


“Daisy Chains and Laughs” Beanie

Stephanie A. Saracco

Blue skies, green grass, and bright, cheery spring flowers inspired me to create this “Daisy Chains and Laughs” crochet beanie! It is versatile in sizing, and the color combination possibilities are endless. Add a butterfly or bumblebee pin, or buttons for a finishing touch! The young and young- at- heart will get lots of smiles while wearing this “Daisy Chains and Laughs” beanie this spring and summer!



Medium (Worsted) weight cotton yarn for the body of the beanie. Lily Sugar ‘n Cream “Indigo” was used in the sample.

Medium (worsted) weight acrylic yarn for the brim and flower/leaf embellishments. Red Heart “White,” Red Heart “Spring Green,” and Caron “Jonquil” were used in the sample.



Crochet Hooks: F/5 (3.75mm), H/8 (5.00mm), J/10 (6.00mm)



Tapestry Needle, Crochet hooks of various sizes, tape measure, straight pins, scissors.



For the blue body of the beanie: by Crochet Jewel  “Crochet a Basic Hat Tutorial – Half Double Crochet – Newborn to Adult size Part I”

For the green brim: Anna Phelps How to Crochet a Brimmed Flower Hat Part I (begin video at 8:45 for brim instructions)

For the white and yellow daisies: Yolanda Soto Lopez “How to Crochet a Daisy”

For the leaves: Yolanda Soto Lopez “Small Crochet leaf”



Crochet the blue beanie body by following video by Crochet Jewel listed above. Sample was crocheted using a J/10 (6.00mm) hook for child’s size, but the pattern lists what size hook to use for other size beanies.

Crochet the green brim to the beanie by following video by Anna Phelps listed above. Sample brim was crocheted using a J/10 (6.00mm) hook. Use the same size hook for the body and brim.

Crochet the white and yellow daisy embellishments by following video by Yolanda Soto Lopez listed above. Sample daisies were crocheted using sizes F/5 (3.75mm), and H/8 (5.00mm) hooks. Use any size that you like- smaller hooks will make a smaller flower, larger hooks will make larger flowers.

Crochet the green leaf embellishments by following video by Yolanda Soto Lopez listed above. Sample leaves were crocheted using size F/5 (3.75mm). Note: by only crocheting one side of your chain, the two smaller leaves on sample beanie were created.

Crochet the green vine embellishment by chaining 36 for the child size as used in the “Daisy chains and Laughs” sample. Smaller hats will require shorter chains, and larger hats may need to have longer chains.

Place your flower, leaf, and vine embellishments on your hat in an arrangement that pleases you, and pin them to the body of the hat, layering for dimension. Using tapestry needle, sew the leaves/flowers that are on the bottom layer, first, in corresponding yarn. Sew on all items, ending with the flowers/leaves that are on the top layer. Don’t sew too tightly- adjust your tension accordingly.

Trim and weave in tails. Take care that all pins have been removed. You’re done! Smile and enjoy your “Daisy Chains and Laughs” beanie!


Daisy Chain and Laughs

(Editors Note: The above pattern was not tested by GKK.  However please shout out some love to the YouTubers on their video page that you found them through our blog if you enjoyed making this hat.  It would be a fun surprise…as I would being a YouTuber myself! Have fun and Happy Crochet! -Kristen Mangus)