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DFW Fiber Fest 2015 | Texas

DFW Fiber Fest 2015 | Texas

DFW Fiber Fest 2015 in Texas is where to be this weekend if you live in or surrounding areas of Dallas/Fort Worth Texas.

DFW Fiber Fest 2015

Article by Kathy Bouras


It’s the 10-Year Reunion – Ewe’ll WANT to Attend, DFW Fiber Fest 2015!!


When: March 20 – 22, 2015 (Friday & Saturday:  9a-6p and Sunday:  9-4)

Where: Irving Convention Center Irving Texas Offering an array of events in Fiber arts all weekend long.

Amount:$5/Day or $10/Weekend Pass Payable at the Door (class students free hall pass).

About DFW Fiber Fest 2015

DFW Fiber Fest is the premier annual fiber event in the Dallas-Fort Worth community. Held each Spring, DFW Fiber Fest is a locally focused non-profit organization that offers both vendors and classes. They bring in a juried selection of local and regional fiber vendors (with a few who are from outside of our regional area to spice up the mix). Educationally, we offer a slate of classes from both nationally known and local teachers in the fiber arts – primarily in knitting, crochet, and spinning. (For more about DFW Fiber fest, see the “About” page.)

For more information

So if you’re in the area and want to have a fun time check out DFW Fiber Fest 2015!

Kiss Looms, Murphysboro, IL Kiss Looms Will be at the DFW Fiber Fest with looms on site for purchase.   What are Kiss looms?

60 Peg Small Gauge Compact Slim 2-Way Adjustable

60 Peg Small Gauge Compact Slim 2-Way Adjustable

This is one of the most popular looms it is the 60 Peg Small Gauge Compact Slim 2-Way Adjustable

You knit without needles on our Gauge Adjustable Looms! Our knitting looms are the only true gauge adjustable knitting loom on the market. You can change your gauge in small increments to get the desired fabric gauge just like you would with needles. Knit projects from extra fine gauge up to super bulky. Looms are handmade in the USA of high quality wood and bronze materials. We offer many sizes and styles of looms for that “on the go” project you need to stick in your purse or the stay at home larger project.

This is a family owned and operated business and we hand make each and every one of our looms. We pride ourselves on great customer service and support for a product that will last a lifetime. The Family Business includes Kelly’s Husband Daryl her parents Bill and Donna and now her son Isaiah.

Isaiah Jones

Isaiah Jones

This is Isaiah Jones he just turned 8 years old he is the son of Kelly and Daryl Jones owners of Kiss looms. When not in school or playing with his little sister Ruth, or his friends he’s working hard side by side with his Mom and dad, Grandpa & Grandma making Kiss looms.

I asked Isiah what kind of jobs he helps with in making the Kiss loom? Bending pegs, putting washers on bolts, counting washers for bags of 30, assemble completed looms.

What is his favorite job in helping with making the Kiss looms, his reply was bending pegs for the looms.

It was such an honor to interview this young man; it is nice to see children taking an interest in a family business and at such a young age. Isaiah you are one fine young man keep up the good work. It won’t be long and you will be making the entire Kiss loom.

-Kathy Bouras


Will you be attending DFW Fiber Fest 2015?

Editors Note:  Thank you to Kathy Bouras for giving us more onsite to the Kiss loom family and to the wonderful local, to me, DFW Fiber Fest I have the pleasure of attending yearly!  Thank you as well to our dear editor Carol Lilydot. Comment below if you would like your local fiber fest featured or would like to meet up at DFW Fiber Fest 2015!  -Kristen Mangus