March 17, 2015

Dewdrop Stitch on the Loom

Dewdrop stitch.  Its a stitch reminiscent of dewdrops and now works up nicely on the loom.  Here is a translated stitch pattern called the dewdrop stitch from Charmain Round. -GKK

Dewdrop Stitch

-Charmian Round


Pattern Information

I was inspired to try this stitch by Megan Goodacre’s knitted washcloth pattern:

The dewdrop stitch itself is a traditional English stitch pattern, and can be found in Barbara Walker’s ‘First treasury of knitting patterns’, or James Norbury’s ‘Traditional Knitting Patterns: from Scandinavia, The British Isles, France, Italy, and Other European Countries’.


Knitting Loom:

The Knit UK Red 26 peg loom with extra pegs was used, but could be swapped for any Fine Gauge Loom (2.25/8 measurement from centre peg to centre peg if you want to match the example exactly).



100% cotton worsted weight was used for this swatch Notions: Loom knitting tool, Crochet hook, Yarn needle



K = u-knit stitch

P = purl stitch

sl = slip stitch (only used at the beginning of rows to ensure a tight edge) Skip the first peg taking the working yarn behind the peg to the front of peg 2 ready to uknit/purl. (The original dewdrop pattern has either k2 or p2 at the beginning of each row rather than a slip stitch – use whichever method you wish)

YO = yarn over (the working yarn is placed in front of the empty peg ready to knit the next peg which has a stitch on it)

K2tog = uknit 2 stitches together (move stitch from peg 2 [furthest from the working yarn] to peg 1 [closest to the working yarn] and knit the two stitches together)

PSSO = pass slipped stitch over Pattern Notes:

The stitch pattern “yo, sl1-k2 tog-psso, yo” sounds confusing but takes place over 3 pegs on the loom, and is repeated in rows 4 and 8. See below for step by step photo instructions.

Loom Knit Dewdrop Stitch Pattern Pin Image


Crochet cast on 25 stitches.
Rows 1-3: sl1, p1, *k3, p3. Repeat from *. End last repeat with p2 instead of p3.

Row 4: sl1, k1, *yo, sl1-k2 tog-psso, yo, k3. Repeat from *. End last repeat with k2 instead of k3.

(See Figures A-I for “*yo, sl1-k2 tog-psso”)

Rows 5-7: sl1, k1, *p3, k3. Repeat from *. End last repeat with k2 instead of k3.

Row 8: K2 tog, yo, k3, *yo, sl1-k2 tog-psso, yo, k3. Repeat from *. End last repeat with k2 (after the final k3).

(See Figures A-I for “*yo, sl1-k2 tog-psso”)

Repeat Rows 1-8 until you reach the length you require.
Bind off with flat panel bind off see LINK for the method I used.


Figure A Dewdrop stitch

Figure A

Figure B Dewdrop stitch

Figure B

Figure C Dewdrop stitch

Figure C

Figure D Dewdrop stitch

Figure D

Figure E Dewdrop stitch

Figure E

Figure F Dewdrop stitch

Figure F

Figure G Dewdrop stitch

Figure G

Figure H Dewdrop stitch

Figure H

Figure I Dewdrop stitch

Figure  I

About Charmian Round

Charmian was inspired to start loom knitting in August 2014 when she accidentally discovered some looming websites whilst searching for loom band patterns for her two sons. Since then, she has discovered that loom knitting is the perfect antidote to her working life stress as a Clinical Psychologist, and has to stop herself repetitively recommending it to everyone she meets.

You can see Charmian’s loom projects at


Editor’s notes: We hope you enjoy making the Dewdrop Stitch.  Please note that Kristen has not tested the pattern.

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  1. I can learn better through a video. Any chance you could do one?

  2. Thanks for all the help you give us just starting I would be so lost without tutorials I am a visual learner can’t figure out anything by written pattern

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