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Easy Twisted Friendship Bracelet

Easy Twisted Friendship Bracelet

Easy Twisted Friendship Bracelet

pattern by Kristen Mangus

We’ve all been there.  It’s 8:45 Thursday evening and the last thing you want to hear is, “Mom! I need to dress up for Spirit Day tomorrow.”  Those are the words that strike fear into your heart.  (Although you have to admit it could be worse. At least it’s not 2 dozen cupcakes frosted in school colors, right?)  This easy twisted friendship bracelet is fast to make with a small amount of yarn, no tools and no complicated braiding to do.

The best part is it’s simple enough for kids to make themselves.  The bracelets are perfect for Spirit Week events, homecoming or just to fire up the team before the big game.  All you need is yarn in your team’s colors, scissors and a few simple items you have around the house.


Easy Twisted Friendship Bracelet

Let’s get started:


Yarn 2 yds. each of two different colors
I used Caron Simply Soft Gold (2 yards) and Premier Deborah Norville Everyday Worsted Black (2 yards).


Large clamp (a large clip that has some weight to it to secure the ends of the bracelet)

Tape, clamp or another person to secure one end while you twist the yarn. (optional)


1. Cut 2 yards of each color.

2. Tie the strands together at one end.

3. (Optional) Secure the tied end to a table with tape or a clamp or have another person hold it.  (NOTE: You can hold it yourself with your other hand, but if you have short arms or dexterity issues you will want to secure it to another surface.)

4. Holding both strands as one, twist the entire length until it is tightly twisted and starting to kink up.  You will need to hold it tightly and keep it straight so it doesn’t try to twist back on itself yet.

5. Once the entire length is tightly twisted pinch and hold the center with one hand. Fold the two ends together to meet at the ends while still keeping tension and straight. (What I did was pinch both ends in opposite hands with arms stretched out and put center in my teeth.  This is the step where a friend comes in very handy!)

6. Next keep the center strands tight and straight, bring the ends together and clamp them with the clip.

7. Grab the center and let the clamped end dangle. The weight of the clamp will help the bracelet from twisting on itself and will start to spin around. This causes the twists made before to be locked and twisted.

8. Using this twisted strand repeat steps 3-7.  This will shorten the bracelet to the correct length and give a nice thick twist.

9. Tie the two ends of the bracelet together leaving enough space to slip off.

10. Trim ends of yarn.

11. (Optional) To keep ends from fraying use a lighter to singe the ends or secure with a hot glue gun.  (For the glue gun method use the glue gun to heat the cut ends by rubbing the metal tip on the yarn ends. You may use a tiny bit of glue, but DO NOT squeeze the glue on.  This will clump up making the bracelet rough.)

12. Wear with pride and support your team!

Watch the video demo of the Easy Twisted Friendship Bracelet

For a traditional braided friendship bracelet pattern check this one out.