August 20, 2019

Announcing: The NEW Knitting Loom Guide Book

Inside: The NEW Knitting Loom Guide 2019 Edition contains listings of hundreds of knitting looms with gauge measurements, peg counts and so much more!

Are you frustrated because you don’t have the exact knitting loom listed in the pattern?

Are you still trying to find an elusive purple Knifty Knitter Adult Hat Loom?

Knitting Loom Guide Purple Knifty Knitter and Equivalent loom comparison
Remember when finding a 48-peg 5/8″ gauge loom was like winning the lottery?

Help is here, my loomy friends!

The GoodKnit Kisses’ Knitting Loom Guide is an essential resource book for loom knitters. This book is loaded with information about knitting looms. It’s NOT a “how-to” book* that teaches you to loom knit, but it’s a tool to help you find the best loom for your project. You can quickly and easily find the loom you’re looking for in the intuitive, organized charts.

*If you need a “How to Loom Knit” book, I wrote one of those too.

Loom Knitting Guide and Patterns Book by Kristen Mangus

The Knitting Loom Guide is your one stop resource for detailed information about knitting looms. It contains charts that list various looms by brand, loom gauge and special features, like whether a loom is adjustable or suitable for double knitting. Charts are easy to read and organized so you can quickly find the information you’re looking for.

Knitting Loom Guide Front Cover
Knitting Loom Guide Back Cover

What’s Inside the Knitting Loom Guide?

1. Looms by Brand – Each loom maker has a dedicated list that includes all their looms both current and discontinued. If there is a specific brand you prefer you can check there first to see if they make a loom in the size you need. (Discontinued looms are specially marked so you know they are no longer available.)

2. Loom by Gauge – Loom gauge tells you how big your stitches will be. When you find a pattern but don’t have the exact loom the designer used you can look for a loom of the same gauge and peg count. You might be surprised to find that you already have a loom of the correct gauge in your inventory. Both loom gauge and center to center peg measurements are listed in the charts for your convenience.

3. Adjustable Looms – These looms can increase or decrease the number of pegs used when loom knitting in the round. They are great for decreased hat crowns, making multiple sizes of socks and shaping stuffed animals. Adjustable looms are marked in all the charts, but they also have a dedicated section of the book to save you time

4. Double Knitting Looms – If you love double knitting, this is a must. Now you can find all the looms that can be used to double knit in every gauge from Extra Fine to Jumbo.

5. I also talk about what the looms are made of: Wood vs. Plastic and the pros and cons of both materials.

6. The Loom Gauge Equivalence Chart in the back of the book details the best yarn sizes (both US and UK/Aus sizes) for each loom gauge including the average stitches per inch knitting gauge for each size. I also list the equivalent knitting needles or crochet hooks for each gauge for those that like to convert patterns.

Knitting Loom Guide Interior Pages
Handy section tabs on the edges make finding what you need a breeze!

Charts include the Gauge, C2C (center to center peg measurement in inches), Brand, Loom Name/Type, Peg count, whether the loom is adjustable or used for double knitting, and the color of the loom (if plastic) or loom base material. Our goal was to give you as much information about each loom as possible.

I’ve got a handy tool to accurately measure the gauge on your looms. Check out the 3-in-1 Loom Gauge Tool in the GoodKnit Kisses Etsy shop!

This is a must-have book for your loom knitting library. Get your copy today and grab one for a fellow loomer. Believe me they’ll thank you!

Where can I get a Knitting Loom Guide?

The Knitting Loom Guide is available in both paperback and digital versions for your convenience from the following sellers:


For those of you like me, I’ve created a high quality print book that you can keep in your knitting bag or on your craft room shelf. (Between us, it look AMAZING on my shelf!) Use the tabs in the margin to help you find the right sections quickly.

Amazon (affiliate link)

Barnes & Noble


The digital ebook lets you take the guide on the go! Use your phone or tablet to compare the new loom at the craft store with one in your inventory. Both the ePub and PDF versions allow to click to any section of the book using the table of contents. So easy!

Apple Books (ePub)

Kobo Books (ePub)

GKK Etsy store (PDF)

What are you waiting for? Order your Knitting Loom Guide today!

Since I’m still a video gal at heart I’ll show you what you get in the Knitting Loom Guide…

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  1. Just a beginner looking to see if this is something I wish to get into. It sounds fun.

  2. Love your video lesson – have learned a lot you make so easy for us and – just bought the book as well – have collected a lot of looms this past year and use every one of them thanks again

  3. Hi, I am using the above link to Apple Books but it tells me it is no longer available. Is it only available in the US Apple Books store? (I am in Australia). Hope not, i was really looking forward to the electronic version

  4. Hi Kristen

    I love your loom knitting videos and have learned so much from you, I need this book! You don’t beat around the bush with your videos, never an interruption like some post. I look forward to learning something from the videos you post! I will order the book I’m in Canada and some links don’t always work, will find it somewhere!

    Thanks Sandra❤️🇨🇦

    • You are so kind, thanks for your encouraging words 💞I’m sorry those links don’t work for Canada. The Etsy one should work for getting a PDF. However I do know has it if you’d like a paperback. You may need to search for the ISBN though.

  5. Hi Kristen
    How are you today?
    I tried to look for free pdf this book and can’t find it
    Can you please help me…

  6. I would like to add a visor to my hat but Do not know how. Can you tell me.? Thank you so much!

  7. How to loom knit a visor for a hat I have.

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