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Loom Knit Decorative Ball or Ornament for the Holiday

Loom Knit Decorative Ball or Ornament for the Holiday

Hi friends!

I have a fun & quick Holiday project to start, loom knit with jingle bell balls inside for you!!!

Use your scrap funky yarn for this and start churning them out!! 🙂 My idea for these fun decorative balls were to use them as ornaments, in a cluster hanging from a door knob or wreath in a bowl in holiday or non holiday colors, or any other cool idea you can come up with!

Watch the VIDEO below,  Here are your supplies pictured below:

  • Knifty Knitter or Boye 12 peg bloom loom or other 12 peg large gauge loom.
  • scrap yarn with sparkle or other funky or special yarn you like
  • 2 1/2″ syrofoam ball or plain ornament ball about 2 1/2 “- 3”
  • jingle bells (optional)
  • felt or scrap contrasting color fabric to your yarn choice (covers ball inside)
  • scissors & something blunt to poke & scoop the styrofoam (can just use kid safety scissors)
  • loom knitting tool & crochet hook

Use a 12 peg bloom loom. Give as gifts or tie to a wrapped packages as well.  Instead of styrofoam balls that I show with jingle bells inside, you can put these around your plain existing ornament balls as well.  As a bonus i included my gift bow tutorial below it if you’d like to add a bow at the base of these balls or in a cluster on a door.  (Learn How to Make a Bow)  Have fun!….Here is the LOOM ALONG Video!

Need MORE?  Watch how to Wrap a Package!..yup I’m whipping these out!  LOL!  Have fun everyone.

Kristen Mangus

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