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Loom Knit Crocodile Stitch Pattern

Loom Knit Crocodile Stitch Pattern

Learn the loom knit Crocodile Stitch with these instructions.

Multiple of 8; shown with minimum 24 stitches. 36-row repeat. Pattern offsets by 4 stitches on 19th row.

Setup rows may differ. Recommend at least 3-8 set up rows of stockinette (or other stitch pattern).


This pattern is worked in the round on foundation rows (the rows between the scales). However, the SCALES are worked in a flat panel and then the flat panel “row 1” stitches are pulled back onto pegs as to create a hem (as a hemmed brim works).

An entire “SCALE ROW” works together with the foundation rows and the flat panel rows to create the look of an entire “row” of scales. SCALE ROWS after are rotated 4 stitches to the right to offset all scales. This continues until the desired length of knitted scales is reached. Continue in other pattern or finish off.

loom knit crocodile stitch

Chart instructions:

The Chart shows 28 stitches ONLY for visual purposes; actual is 24. Stitch/peg #s 25-28 represent pegs 1-4 in the round.

The Chart starts at the very bottom at the number “1”; it appears on page right. However,  you will work toward your right on the actual loom (to the left of 1 when reading the chart). When finished on that row, or you run into a solid black line on the chart, look to the square above it on the chart and continue. For a flat panel row, you will work in the opposite direction. For a continuous row, with no black boundary, you will continue all the way around the loom until the next row as “in the round”.

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Instructions | Loom Knit Crocodile Stitch:

Cast on 24 stitches

Loom Knit Crocodile Stitch Pattern KEY by GoodKnit Kisses
Loom Knit Crocodile Stitch Pattern KEY
Notes to follow chart:

Place marker on peg 1. Work counter-clockwise from left to right starting round 1.

Step 1: Work first 8 stitches of the bold line border (using the chart) back and forth for 15 rows to complete 1 SCALE. When lifting off the 8th stitch, place a removable stitch marker around that loop and let it fall behind the peg; this will help you find “row 1 stitches” to create a hem at row 15.

Step 2: Work pattern using the chart for 15 rows. No square on the chart means the stitch is skipped by turning* in the opposite direction. *Do not “wrap & turn”, there are no slipped stitches held back or front.

Step 3: After the 15th row of a flat panel, pick up stitches from row 1 and place back on the pegs.

Step 4: Continue onto next panel of 8 stitches and work 15 rows; pick up row one stitches and place back on the loom.

Step 5: Continue in pattern until all SCALE ROW 1 has been worked and TWO loops are on the pegs.

Step 6: Knit 3 rows (foundation rows).

**18 rows are now complete**

Step 6: Knit 4 stitches and move marker to right 4 stitches. Repeat steps 1-6 until desired length. After 36 rows 2 Offset SCALE ROWS are complete. To have an odd number of SCALE ROWS, complete rows 1-18 after last even row you desire.

Loom Knit Crocodile Stitch Pattern CHART by GoodKnit Kisses
Loom Knit Crocodile Stitch Pattern CHART by GoodKnit Kisses

Round 1: (Row 1 – SCALE 1) k8, turn for flat panel | (Row 1 – SCALE 2) k8, turn for flat panel | (Row 1 – SCALE 3) k8, turn for flat panel

Round 2: k24 (as Round 1)

Round 3: k24 (as Round 1)

Round 4: (SCALE 1) k7,  (SCALE 2) k7,  (SCALE 3) k7

*where you see a comma (,) this is the next flat panel over for a new SCALE

Round 5: k6, k6, k6

Round 6: k5, k5, k5

Round 7: k4, k4, k4

Round 8: k5, k5, k5

Round 9: k6, k6, k6

Round 10: k7, k7, k7

Round 11: k24

Round 12: k24

Round 13: k24

Round 14: k24

Round 15: k24

Round 16: k24

******End of an “Odd” SCALE ROW******

Round 17: k24

Round 18: k24

Round 19: k24

Round 20: k24

Round 21: k24

Round 22: k7, k7, k7

Round 23: k6, k6, k6

Round 24: k5, k5, k5

Round 25: k4, k4, k4

Round 26: k5, k5, k5

Round 27: k6, k6, k6

Round 28: k7, k7, k7

Round 29: k24

Round 30: k24

Round 31: k24

Round 32: k24

Round 33: k24

Round 34: k24

Round 35: k24

Round 36: k24

******End of an “Even” SCALE ROW******

A note about this stitch pattern:

This Loom Knit Crocodile Stitch Pattern is for Personal use only; do not reproduce the chart, “copy”, or pattern without written consent of GoodKnit Kisses.  You are welcome to link to this pattern page for reference in any pattern.  Should you need this chart for educational purposes please contact us and a PDF of the chart and loom knit crocodile stitch pattern will be made available to you for distribution to your class at no cost.  This is intended as a resource.  Thank you.  A special thank you to Scarlett Royal for her original development of this conversion from crochet and to Chloe Lambert for the revised version.  The chart and written explanation here is by Kristen Mangus of Chloe Lambert’s version.  Thank you, ladies, for continuing to push loom knitting to new levels.  You are an inspiration!