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Crafting Sidetracktion

Crafting Sidetracktion

Sidetracktion in crafting can seem like an epidemic.


Do you get totally side-tracked on your crafting projects? So many crafters do!   A Crafting Sidetracktion can seem to take over if you are a creative individual, read more if you can relate, too. -Kristen

So often I will say to people it takes me awhile to complete projects as I’m a very slow loom knitter.  Well truth be told being slow doesn’t have anything to do with it.  Yes I have the normal life distractions like most people but the worst ones are the self inflected distractions (like just now I had barely finished the second sentence when I was bouncing up to get a cup of tea!).

I’ll set a goal to complete a project by the end of the day I may get a row done before I’m saying to myself hey look Kristen just posted a new blog, I’ll just read that before I continue.  Reading the blog will lead me to watching a tutorial on the new pattern or stitch, hmmm I wonder do I have the right yarn for that, let me go check before I start back up again.  No I don’t well better go make a Michael’s run before they sell out.  Say to hubby as I’m running out the door be back in 30 minutes.  Now if you’re anything like me that 30 minutes is going to stretch to 60 or maybe even 90 minutes.   At the end of the day the WIP is still a WIP….

I know I’m not the only one this happens too… in fact just the other day I was reading a blog by Suzy Brown aka Woolwench at she wrote a great piece on Sidetracktion.  I’m thinking to myself I’m certainly in good company.

My initial thought was to get Suzy’s consent to allow me to adapt the Sidetracktion article in relation to loom knitting (she did say yes).  After a few days I’m saying no as the article is perfect just the way it is!  Although she refers to spinning yarn, this is true for any craft. Go check it out for yourself and learn that sometimes it’s ok to have your own sidetracktion sometimes.

Here is the link to her article after reading it check out her page.

In her article she mentions Arlene Thayer aka Spin Artiste visit her page as well.

These are two very talented ladies it nice to know!


-Carol (Lilydot)