February 23, 2018

Interactive Sock Calculator

You guys know sock knitting is not my thing, right?  But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to help all you knitters and loom knitters out there who enjoy it.   I salute all of you, sock knitters, who take the time to work the thousands of tiny stitches needed to make a sock.  And then you do it all over again to make it’s mate.  Nobody likes socks that don’t fit.  (Well, except for a few people who REALLY embraced the slouchy sock trend back in the 80’s.)  To help you get the perfect fit I’ve developed the Sock Calculator!

Swatch it!

By entering a few measurements the calculator will tell you the correct number of cast on stitches and help you figure out your short rows for the heel and toe.  Make sure you knit your swatch using the same yarn, needles/loom and stitch pattern you plan to use for your sock!  For more help check out the article Swatching or Making a Gauge Swatch.

Measure it!

You need one basic measurement to figure out sock making: the widest part of the foot.  Typically, this is going to be the ball of your foot.  The easiest way to take this measurement is to wrap a flexible measuring tape around your foot.  If you don’t have one, a non-stretchy piece of yarn, like cotton, works well.  Wrap the yarn around your foot and mark it then measure the length with a ruler.  NOTE: If you’re not able to take exact measurements, that’s okay.  The following charts provide some average foot measurements that you can use.  These are especially useful if you like to make socks for gifts.

Sock Measurement Chart Baby to Adult #goodknitkisses #knitsocks #knitting #loomknitting #knit

Sock Yardage Chart Toddler to Adult #goodknitkisses #knitsocks #knitting #loomknitting #knit

Calculate it using the Sock Calculator!

The sock calculator will give you the number of stitches to cast on, the number of stitches to work for your heel/toe section and even recommend how many stitches to short row on either side of your heel/toe.  NOTE: This calculator is designed to give some recommendations based on basic sock construction and assumes you will knit a short-rowed heel and toe.

PIN the Sock Calculator!

Interactive FREE Sock Calculator #goodknitkisses #knitsocks #knitting #loomknitting #knit

Enjoy your socks!

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Kristen Mangus
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    Hello Kristen, I’m a sock newbie and so far can follow a pattern. I remember years ago a German friend of mine who was able to knit a sock without a pattern. At that time I didn’t give it much thought. Now I am wondering how did she figure out how many stitches to knit, before decreasing and turning the heel row. Say, I have counted 6 stitches/inch, and 9 inches around the ball of my foot, am a size 9 shoe. I see above that this works out to cast on 49 stitches (on what size needles as I am using 5 mm) heel/toe section says 25 and stitches to short row is 8 on either side of heel toe section. I do not understand what this means. I understand Knit 2 together and ssk determines how it looks on the sock and how the decrease angles. I find that sock knitting is so fulfilling and calms me down so much. I want to be able to knit for any size foot big or small and figure out my own patterns by knitting a swatch. I would be thrilled to know how to do this. BTW are you Norwegian? My son was a peacekeeper for Canada and met and married his Norwegian wife while on duty in Kuwait. He has lived in Norway 28 yrs. I have been learning the language for many years. I love Norway.

  2. Avatar

    Thank you for your work on this! I really appreciate it for a pattern I’m deciphering in another language.

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    I love the calculator, but I’m not understanding “Stitches to short row on either side of heel/toe section”. I’m on my 7th pair of socks, so I’m not a total newbie! Just a little guidance on what this pertains to would be wonderful!

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      How about a calculator for knee hi kilt socks? Kilt socks need shaping for the calf and garder. The gauge for the cuff, garder and leg are often different. Some people want more negative ease at the garder.

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    Looks informative and interesting!

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    Hi I am confused about whether to calculate the foot mearsurement around the ball inches or centermetres. I don’t know how to tell the calculator that I want to work in cm

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    Thanks for this tool it’s super handy. P.s. you look like my twin.

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    The calculator is awesome!

    I have a teensy problem, I’ve never knit socks before and don’t have a pattern handy… do you have a link for your recommendation?

  8. Avatar

    Sock newbie. Can you please explain what heel/toe sections mean – are they the same number of stitches at both ends of the sock? And are short rows where you decrease? Thanks.

  9. Avatar

    On computer, I can’t access sock calculator either.

  10. Avatar

    On my iphone I can get to the calculator, but it doesn’t show up full size. On my computer I can’t find the calculator… 🙁

  11. Avatar

    How do I access the sock calculator? I don’t see it

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