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What is a Turning Chain in Crochet? | Includes Chart

What is a Turning Chain in Crochet? | Includes Chart

Inside: Answers the question “What is a turning chain in crochet?” plus shows a handy chart that tells you the number of turning chains needed for each crochet stitch.

When you’re first learning to crochet sometimes the terminology can be confusing. You’ve heard the term turning chain, but not understand what it is and why it’s necessary.

What is a turning chain in crochet?

A turning chain, abbreviated t-ch, is used at the beginning of a row to add the correct height to the row and keep the edges vertical. Without a turning chain your edges will bend inward and slant toward the middle.

Many beginner crocheters wonder why they can’t make a perfect square. 9 times out of 10 they’re missing the turning chains at the beginning of each row.

The turning chain often as the first stitch in the row.

what is a turning chain in crochet

How many turning chains do I need?

You already know that as crochet stitches get larger they gain height. A single crochet is one chain high, while a hdc is 2 and so on.

It can be tricky to remember how many turning chains you need for each type of crochet stitch.  If you are following a pattern the instructions will tell you, but if you’re just trying a new stitch pattern or following a video you may not always have specific row instructions for the turning chain.

I hope this handy Crochet Turning Chain Chart becomes a quick reference to speed you on your way as you craft!

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