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Yarn Giveaway & Granny Round Challenge 2013

Yarn Giveaway & Granny Round Challenge 2013

GoodKnit Kisses is giving away 10,000 feet of free yarn!!!

Check out my Website for details on how to enter the Granny Round Challenge! Also check out the YouTube video vlog for more.

This month GoodKnitKisses celebrates our 2nd year on YouTube!  We are nearing 10,000 subscribers! (Currently we’re at 9,388 as of 01/03/2013). In celebration we will be having CHALLENGE GIVEAWAY!  We’re challenging YOU to make something, submit your photo & be entered to win 10,000 feet of yarn!
Please see the Contest Rules at the link below. If you do not know how to make a loom knit granny round you can access my free pattern & also a video loom along by clicking here! It’s a popular quick project.  Please visit out my main YouTube channel and if you are not subscribed, I’d be honored if you’d subscribe and check it out.  I am a YouTube Crafting Guru.  I teach how to loom & needle knit with a little crochet, general crafting & design as well.

Here is the Yarny Link:

If we have an overwhelming response 2nd & 3rd drawings will take place for additional winners.  All winners will receive a GoodKnit Kisses pdf pattern of their choice (by email) and a signed postcard from Kristen just for fun! 🙂  See this link for the card.  Feel free to download to make your own card to keep or hand out for other loom knitters. 
Good Luck & Happy Knitting!!
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Monday 7th of January 2013

Wooot, Wooot! Have fun, everyone :)