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Hi everyone!!
I have a few exciting announcements and TWO great tutorial videos are below:

I’m super pleased to announce I am now working along side of to bring you the latest in Loom Knitting Tutorials on my YouTube Site and on AllFreeKnitting’s site as well! A very big thanks to Mikey at mikeyssmail & The Crochet Crowd for hooking me up!

I am also happy to announce I have purchased my website but until I can get enough funding, through partnering with YouTube it will be delayed getting up and running.  WILL YOU HELP ME??? Please subscribe to my channel at goodknitkisses and pass the word to your friends.  You can opt to get an email every time I make a video or leave the box blank.  MY GOAL IS 800 SUBSCRIBERS!  Please help me get there 🙂  For my videos to remain free, this will really go a long way. Thanks inadvance for your help.

My Publisher has approved of the following videos.  These are the first in the line and I have decided to start at the basics for beginners or traditional knitters who want to try their hand at learning.  Check out Part 1 for an introduction on looms and Part 2 for yarn selections and project ideas. Again, loom knitting is fun even for grade-schoolers.  SO grab a loom and get started today! Happy Looming!

DID THIS HELP YOU? Please comment below.  I’d love to hear from YOU!