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June 14, 2019

How to Loom Knit the Feather Lace Stitch (Plus a Free Pattern!)

INSIDE: Feather Lace stitch pattern instructions for loom knitters with free baby blanket pattern and video tutorial. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get tired of the same ol’ stitch patterns. Stockinette is like your favorite gray sweatpants. Easy going, comfortable and as interesting as milk. We all need it, but it’s not […]

December 28, 2018

Loom | Double Knit Stockinette Stitch Comparison

“Why are my stitches twisted this time when I’m sure I did the same stitch pattern?  How can I make a less dense double knit panel?”  If you’ve ever done any double knitting on your loom, you already know that a few changes in how you wrap can result in drastically different fabric.  It’s time […]

March 17, 2015

Dewdrop Stitch on the Loom

Dewdrop stitch.  Its a stitch reminiscent of dewdrops and now works up nicely on the loom.  Here is a translated stitch pattern called the dewdrop stitch from Charmain Round. -GKK Dewdrop Stitch -Charmian Round   Pattern Information I was inspired to try this stitch by Megan Goodacre’s knitted washcloth pattern: http://www.tricksyknitter.com/free-knitting-pattern-washcloth-quartet/ The dewdrop stitch itself […]