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How to Loom Knit an Envelope Hat with NO Seaming!

How to Loom Knit an Envelope Hat with NO Seaming!

Inside: Instructions, tips, and videos teaching how to loom knit an envelope hat on any gauge loom using the Kitchner cast on.

Envelope hats so much fun to loom knit and now they are even easier!

how to oom knit an envelope hat

You may not have heard of these cute hats. It is a standard round knit hat, but instead of using a drawstring bind off to cinch the top closed, you sew the top of the hat closed in a straight seam. This creates two corners at the top of the hat.

You can decorate these corners by attaching pom poms, tassels or cinching them up to create “ears”. This design is popular with children, but fun for all ages.

But what if you could loom knit an envelope hat and skip the sewing?

You CAN!

By using the Kitchener cast on and working the hat from the top down you can avoid having to stitch the top seam. Plus you have the added bonus of a smooth top where the columns of stitches seamlessly continue from one side of the hat to the other.

This tutorial contains instructions for how to create this style of hat on any loom with any size yarn. It really is as simple as taking your favorite hat loom, using this technique and making yourself a hat.


  • Because of the squared top of this hat, you need to add extra length to your hat. The corners should sit above the head while wearing the hat. Baby hats should have an extra 1″ and adult hats will need an extra 2-3″.
  • A sock ruler is an excellent tool for measuring this kind of hat.
  • I recommend that you use the E-wrap knit stitch for the ribbing on the brim and bind off loosely to ensure a stretchy brim.

For a refresher on loom knitting basics see the blog posts below to get started:
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Loom Knit Envelope Hat Samples

Since this tutorial teaches a technique and not a specific pattern you can use this method for a variety of sizes.

Links below are affiliate links to products I used to create this pattern/video. Clicking the links costs you nothing, but helps support GoodKnit Kisses.

loom knit envelope hat 4

Size: Baby (newborn – 3 months)
11″ x 7″ including 2″ folded brim

Loom: 11/16″ large gauge with 31 pegs
Knifty Knitter 31 peg loom

Yarn: #6 super bulky weight
Mary Maxim Starlette Chunky in Light Gray

loom knit envelope hat 2

Size: Baby (3 months) to Toddler
13″ x 8″ including 2.5″ folded brim

Loom: 5/8″ regular gauge with 48 pegs
KB Flexee Loom Chunky

Yarn: #5 bulky weight yarn
Yarn Bee Soft & Sleek Chunky in Mustard

loom knit envelope hat 3

Size: Baby (9 months) to Toddler
14″ x 6″ with 1″ flat brim

Loom: 3/8″ small gauge with 60 pegs
Kiss Looms Small Gauge Adustable

Yarn: #4 weight medium weight
Premier Yarns Everyday Worsted in color Peony

loom knit envelope hat 1

Size: Teen/Adult Woman
18″ x 9″ including

Loom: 5/8″ regular gauge with 48 pegs
KB Flexee Loom Chunky

Yarn: #6 weight super bulky yarn
Bernat Softee Chunky in color Soft Taupe

Loom Knit Envelope Hat Instructions

  1. Choose your loom and yarn. You can use any loom and a yarn that is appropriate for that loom.
  2. Begin with the Kitchener cast on. This cast on involves weaving the yarn back and forth across your loom in a zig zag patterm. Once you are done with your hat you’ll start at one end and tighten these cast on stitches to create a perfect seamless seam. This cast on looks tricky, but once you’ve done it once you’ll realize how easy it really is. The following blog post gives you detailed instructions on the technique. I’ve also included the tutorial videos below for your convenience. Kitchener Cast On Tutorial
small loom with Kitchener cast on
  1. Work hat body in the round. I used the stockinette stitch for all of my samples, but feel free to use any stitch pattern you like.
  2. Knit brim and bind off. Once your hat is the length you’d like, knit the brim and bind off loosely in pattern.
  3. Close the top of the hat. See video below or the my Loom Knit Kitchener Cast On tutorial. If you prefer not to have all the loose strands from the cast on you can close the top of the hat after you have knit several inches as I did in the pictures below.
kitchner cast on before closing
Before closing the top of the hat you can see all the long strands from the Kitchener cast on.
kitchner cast on after closing
After closing the top you have a perfectly seamless join.


how to loom knit an envelope hat pin image

Loom Knit Envelope Hat Tutorial Videos

Select videos are available to GoodKnit Kisses YouTube members only.  To get exclusive access to GKK VIP-only content, free PDF patterns, weekly Zoom meetup and more, sign in to YouTube and join as a VIP Member today! Find out more about GKK Membership HERE!

Since the main technique for making a loom knit envelope hat is the Kitchner cast on, the tutorial videos below focus on that. Included below are the following videos for both right and left handed loom knitters:

  • Kitchner cast on (shown on a variety of knitting looms)
  • Closing the Kitchner cast on (shown with an envelope hat in super bulky yarn) [same video for both right and left handers]
  • Closing the Kitchner cast on (shown with a loom knit sock toe)

Right handed

Left handed

Bari Bucknam

Tuesday 27th of February 2024

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