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Free Online Knitting Calculator: Simple Way to Get Cast On, Rows & Yardage

Free Online Knitting Calculator: Simple Way to Get Cast On, Rows & Yardage


How many stitches should I cast on for a baby blanket?  What is the number of rows to loom knit a man’s scarf? How much yarn will I need to knit a queen size blanket?  The Interactive Knitting Calculators are here to help!

I get these questions all the time and they can be tricky to answer.  You need quick answers so you can start your project.  These free online tools take the guesswork out of your project. They make it easy for you get your answers and get knitting.

These calculators work for both needle knitting or loom knitting projects. Use them right here on the website. (Be sure to bookmark this page for later.)  

It’s simple. Enter some details about your project and yarn. My own personal math elves will crunch the numbers for you.  How easy is that?

What can I calculate?

You can calculate the following for your project (links take you directly to the calculator):

What do I need to use the calculators?

For Cast On or Row Count:

  • A gauge swatch (more about that below)
  • A ruler or tape measure (you can measure in inches or centimeters)
  • The width and length you want your finished project to be.  (You can find this on the pattern you’re using or you can enter the measurements you want to have if you’re not using a pattern.)

For Yardage Calculator:

  • The yarn label from your yarn. (If you lost the label, you can look up the details in the yarn database at
  • A postage or kitchen scale that can weigh small amounts (grams or ounces)

Making a Gauge Swatch

The interactive knitting calculators below use the measurements off a gauge swatch.  A gauge swatch is a small (usually a 6″ x 6″) square knit in the stitch you plan to use for your project. 

Start by knitting a small square in the yarn for your project.  If you are planning an ewrap scarf make sure you use ewrap for your swatch.  For more detailed help, check out this blog post, Swatching or Making a Gauge Swatch.


How many stitches to cast on? How much yarn do I need? Use the Interactive Loom Knitting Calculators to find out. #goodknitkisses #knit #knitting #yarn
How many stitches to cast on? How much yarn do I need? Use the Interactive Loom Knitting Calculators to find out. #goodknitkisses #loomknit #loomknitting #yarn

Cast On Calculator

You can’t get started without your cast on. Figure out exactly how many stitches you need to get an exact width.

When you want to knit a simple blanket that’s 48″ wide this tool calculates how many stitches you need to cast on.  You can even calculate a new cast on for pattern if you want to change the loom gauge or yarn.

Row Count Calculator

The Row Count Calculator tells you how many rows you will need to complete your project.

Knowing your row count helps when knitting blankets in panels, stripes or for those of us who race to fit a specific number of rows into one episode while Knitflixing.   This one a must for planning your temperature blanket so you don’t end up with a 12 foot blanket at the end of the year!

Project Yardage / # of Skeins Calculator

The Yardage Calculator tells you approximately how many yards (or skeins) of yarn needed to complete your project.

How much yarn will I need to make a ________?  It’s the most asked question I hear. It’s also challenging to figure out because there are so many pieces of the puzzle.  I’ve simplified it, but there’s still a lot of information about your project you need to provide.

Put some extra thought into consideration if your project is not a square or rectangle.  For a triangle, like a shawl, use the full length and full width measurement from your pattern but divide the yardage calculation in half.

NOTE:  This is NOT an exact calculation.  This calculator gives a ballpark estimate.  It will be close, but it can’t be perfect.  If your blanket uses multiple stitch patterns, like garter and stockinette, it will be less accurate since each stitch pattern uses a different amount of yarn.  Also as your tension varies throughout a project you many use more or less yarn overall.

Video Tutorial to show you how to use these calculators!

Example of how to use the Cast On Calculator for the Loom Knit Free Spirit Topper (Ruana):

I hope you enjoy using these Interactive Yarn Calculators!  Please let me know on social media if you find them helpful by tagging me with #goodknitkisses.


Sunday 25th of July 2021

Good afternoon from Niagara Falls, NY! I'm a noobie to knitting. I want to knit my first born grandson a baby's blanket. The yarn I'm using is BERNAT. It's kinda chunky & very feels and looks like chenille♥ Net weight is 10.5 oz & 220 yds. I don't want anything fancy, just a nice plain and simple baby's blanket for my grandson. I bought 3 things of this yarn. I also bought two sets of knitting needles. FIRST Set: Size 11, 8.00 mm.....SECOND Set: Size 15, 10.00mm. I want to use the bigger size needles to knit his blanket. I just need to know how many stitches should I cast on for a baby blanket?


Tuesday 6th of April 2021

Hi, I've created a fingerless mitt design. It seems your calculator is for flat designs. Is there a way to figure yardage by weight, needle size and number of stitches?


Thursday 1st of April 2021

I'm not sure if I'm missing it, but I cannot access the calculators. I click the link and it just bumps me to the section where it explains what it is. I do not see any links to the actual calculator. Again, I'm not sure if I'm missing it, or if it's not there. XD

Joann Gay

Monday 5th of April 2021

Hi. I'm working on troubleshooting the issue. I can use the calculators just fine on my Windows laptop using the Chrome browser and on my iPhone using Safari. If you're still having trouble, let me know what device and browser you're using so I can see about duplicating the problem. Thanks!

Jenny Smee

Tuesday 22nd of December 2020

I have just found your website. I absolutely love your calculators, they are so very useful. Thank you for this resource. Can’t wait to see what else you have to share with us!

Charlotte buckley

Saturday 24th of October 2020

Hiya please could you tell me what x means in knitting