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New Twist in Loom Knitting

New Twist in Loom Knitting

Loom Knitting is so nice because it is easy to learn and great for people of almost all ages.  There are no needles required.  Just a loom, a small special knitting tool and yarn are all you need to get started.

There are many stitches that imitate traditional knitting with needles.  Don’t get me wrong though, loom knitting or knitting on a “rake” has been around for hundreds of years.  It is faster than traditional knitting and its extra wonderful for those who have carpel tunnel or other hindering issue with holding long knitting needles for period at a time.

One stitch that is very pretty is a rib stitch.  A single or even double rib is often imitated on the loom and there are many tutorials on YouTube on how to make those.  Tonight I wanted to film a tutorial on each of them and decided to be adventurous and attempt to design a triple rib stitch. It turned out nicely and I wanted to just show a quick overview of what the three rib type stitches look like side by side.

I hope this helpful.  Thanks for dropping by!

Loom Knitting: Stitches side by side, Rib & Twisted. Twisted knit stitch, single rib, double rib and triple rib stitch  shown side by side to see the difference in over all look. Ever see a triple on a loom?! It is so gorgeous! Tutorials to follow at future date.