January 28, 2011

How To Loom Knit the Twisted Knit Stitch

Hello Looming friends!

I’ve uploaded my first tutorial.  The video will be included below or you can catch it and new videos by subscribing to my YouTube channel.  Just click subscribe and check the box to email you.  You’ll be emailed when I upload videos.

This first video is my first attempt and I’m working out the kinks.  Thank you for your graciousness as I may fumble…don’t we all? 🙂

Quick Introduction to different Loom Types (showing some I have in the background)

Using Long green loom (rectangle)
Making a home made Styler (for quick setup of yarns on pegs)
We’ll Cast On using two strands. (Note for beginners-This is how you put the yarn on at first to get started)
Cast On Method – Twisted Knit Stitch
Main Stitch Method/Pattern – Twisted Knit Stitch

2 strands of #3 or 4 yarn in two different colors.
(Just a standard crafting acrylic yarn.  You can use wool, cotton or acrylic.  This is just what I used.)

Beginner – This video I go a bit slow.  if you are new to loom knitting this is a great video for you.

This stitch is great for scarves, lovey, blankets, placemats, pot holders (in cotton!) and a number of other projects you can build from panels.

Twisted Knit Stitch

Please come back and tell me what you made from this stitch.  I’d love to hear from YOU!

Have fun everyone, Happy Looming!!

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    Love your videos. Pictures of the finished products, so the full effect of the different stitches would be most helpful. Do you have those somewhere?

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