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Super Crochet Mat

Super Crochet Mat

Super Crochet Mat

By Kristen Mangus
Super Crochet Mat is a SUPER puffy way to make the Marshmallow Crochet Blanket in a new way.  When worked up like the blanket it becomes heavy but pillow-like therefore would make a perfect baby prop or baby play mat. Of course the Super Crochet Mat would not be something to leave your baby on unsupervised but the effect it makes is really sweet and highly textured. Sample is shown in photos are Striped but a solid would be really sweet as well. Either are a beautiful marshmallowy choice. My kids all thought the Super Crochet Mat is perfect for TV watching or reading a book; they are between 6 and 10 years.


Small 36″ x 33″ (Medium 36″ x 46″, Large 36″ x 58″)
For this super crochet mat I’m using the following tools. Striped version is written, for solid color continue working until desired length or as noted above”.
Video Crochet Along for blanket version


Tools & Yarn:

size U hook/ US 50 if Tunisian hook used (25mm)
Bernat Blanket BIG yarn used in sample. Jumbo 7 weight.
3 (5, 7) balls Color A – Vintage (cream)26001.
3 (5, 7) balls Color B – Grape (purple) 26018.
(1 ball does 2.33 rows)
NOTE! Add 1 more ball to your color A for added insurance just in case your gauge is off.

Super Crochet Mat



3 stitches and 1 row = 4 inches in Textured Stitch pattern
(1 ball does 2.33 rows)

Pattern Notes:

Make a chain that is a multiple of 2 plus 3. Mine was 33. (Made 36″ wide in this yarn & hook). It is important to make sure foundation chain doesn’t twist while establishing the foundation.  The foundation row takes the longest.  Once you start Row 2 you will see how fast the rows work and how fast it grows on you!

Textured Stitch:

Row 1: dc in 3rd ch from hook. Skip next 2 ch. *(sc, 2 dc) in next ch, skip next 2 ch; repeat from * across, sc in last ch.
Row 2: ch 2, turn, 2 dc in 1st stitch. Skip next 2 sts, *(sc, 2 dc) in next ch, skip next 2 sts; rep from * across. sc in top of turning ch. Repeat “Row 2” till desired length.

Main Pattern:

Starting on Color A crochet 3 rows following Textured Stitch pattern. Change Color B on the last single crochet yarn over; so when starting the turning chain the loop on the hook is the next color. Break Color A and weave in tail later with fingers. Crochet 3 rows and change color. Repeat till ending a total of 3 rows Color A at desired final blanket length.
15 rows for small mat(36×33) (6 balls)
21 rows for medium (36×46) (10 balls)
27 rows for large (36×58) (14 balls)
Finishing. Add textured stitch along sides if desired in
Color A, B or a combination as desired (sample did not add a border). Weave in ends.

We hope you loved the Super Crochet Mat Pattern!

Super Crochet Mat

Small mat with my son crashed out on it.

Super Crochet Mat

Add a border too: