September 29, 2017

Step It Up Knit Shawl | Boomerang Shawl

Step It Up Knit Shawl | Boomerang Shawl

Classic tunes, classic movies, classic cars.  You just can’t beat the classics!  Let’s welcome the Step It Up Knit Shawl as one of the new classics.  We all love the boomerang shape of a knit shawl; tapered ends, gently curved in the middle.   It looks great on everyone and you can pair it with your comfy jeans for trip to the store or with your black dress for an evening out.

The beautiful colors in the new Caron Cakes yarn make this shawl stunning.  You get all the beauty of amazing color palettes without a bunch of ends to weave in.  The stair step or sawtooth feature on the bottom edge is eye-catching and dresses up the simple shaping.  You may have seen this shawl on the ball band of one of the new Caron Cakes, but if not I have the link to the pattern below available at!

Step It Up Knit Shawl

Let’s make the Step It Up Knit Shawl!

The Pattern

Step It Up Knit Shawl 


Caron Cakes 1 cake (383 yds.)  Blueberry Shortcake shown in video.


Size US 8 (4 mm) circular knitting needle with 20 inch cord or size needed to obtain gauge

Stitch marker

Measuring tape

Tapestry needle to weave in ends


18 sts and 24 rows = 4″ [10 cm] in stocking st


Approx. 65″ [165 cm] long x 16″ [40.5 cm] at deepest point

Skills learned in this tutorial

Longtail cast on

Knit stitch

YO – Yarn over

Bind off


Step It Up Knit shawl with supplies shown

Step It Up Knit Shawl

Take the first step…

You begin by casting on just 3 stitches.  You notice right away that you need to do a YO increase on every row.  The first few rows you need to pay close attention to whether you are on the right side or wrong side since you want all the increases to line up along the top edge.  The first twelve rows of the pattern are unique and you only work those one time. ending with casting off the first step.

Step It Up Knit Shawl

Now step up the pace…

Now we continue with a 10-row repeat that will create each stair step.  I have some tips and tricks in the video to help you see where you are in the pattern by looking at your project.  Yes!  This is one of those patterns that you can easily memorize and knit while you watch a show with the family.

Just one more step….

Step It Up Knit Shawl

The last step is the bind off.  I love this kind of pattern because it is so easy to resize.  You can literally stop at any length you want.  One ball will make a 65″ shawl, but if you want more just attach another yarn cake and keep going.  Prefer it shorter for a cute neckerchief?  No problem!  Make 2 out of one Caron Cake. It’s like sharing a cupcake with a friend!

I hope you enjoyed knitting the Step It Up Knit Shawl with me!  If you make this project be sure to share it with me on social media with #goodknitkisses.

Yarnspirations provided the yarn used in the video and permission to use the pattern for this tutorial.  Thanks!

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  1. Avatar

    Can someone help me? I don’t understand the instructions. How does it get wider, if you are always casting off 6 stitches & always with 14 at the end of row 10 repeat? Can someone write the instructions for me? I would be so very grateful!

    • Joann Gay

      Hi, Birdy! As you work the 10-row repeat (written after “Proceed as follows:” in the pattern) you are adding a yo on every row. This gives you +10 stitches and you are only binding off 6 of those so the shawl keeps growing as you knit.

  2. Avatar
    Marie-France Bonenfant-Kusters October 3, 2020 at 10:11 am Reply

    I really would like to get the knitting instructions of the Crescent Boomerang Shawl and follow the video on how to do it as it is great but can’t find where the written instructions are to do it. I am not very good with computers. Is it possible to send me an e-mail with the instructions . Many thanks Marie-France

  3. Avatar

    I love knitting this pattern. I just got a new pack of yarn to continue knitting the shawl. I purchase ice variegated grey pink and light salmon it pretty.

  4. Avatar

    Cannot find the pattern following the link to Michael’s as given above
    – it goes to Michael’s but there is/are not pattern instructions

  5. Avatar

    Love,love,love the video. Just found it on Pinterest and in the process of knitting the shawl. Thnx so much

  6. Avatar

    Oh, MY, this video was SO much help. The pattern was just not enough for me to understand the repeat of ten lines. Thank you !!

  7. Avatar

    Do you decrease?? Or is it small on one side and Hugh when it’s time to bind off when you reach the 65 inches?

  8. Avatar

    This is such a fun and easy pattern. Thanks Kristen.

  9. Avatar

    I was wondering did you do the loom knit step it up boomerang shawl. I have been looking for It but have not seen it.

    • Joann Gay

      Hi Dee. Kristen hasn’t made a video for the loom knit version yet, but I’ll let her know you’re still interested!

  10. Avatar

    I knitted it with size 7 straight needles(long ones), worked out fine and needles held all the stitches. Final dimension were 65 inches on straight edge and 12 inches deep at last saw edge point.

  11. Avatar

    Can you knit this with size 8, 5.00 mm straight needles? That is what I have, but I am not sure it will work with the wider part of the shawl. This is the first time I am trying to knit anything that is not a rectangle!

    • Joann Gay

      Hi Margaret! Straight needles would not be long enough to accommodate the number of stitches you need for the full shawl. This shawl starts with a small number of stitches and keeps increasing until the end. You really do need a circular needle to be able to hold all the stitches. I hope this helps!

      • Avatar

        Thank you, this is very helpful! I appreciate knowing what I’ll need before starting this project, so am grateful for your quick reply!

  12. Avatar

    Is there a loom knit pattern for the shawl? If so what size loom is needed ? Thank you

    • Joann Gay

      Hi Charlene! Krsiten will be doing a loom knit video for this pattern and we’ll post it to the blog when it’s done.

  13. Avatar

    Can you do a video on the step it up shawl for the knitting loom. I do not needle knit because of my hands. I would greatly appreciate it.

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