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Loom Knitting Book | Paperback

Loom Knitting Book | Paperback
Loom knitting Book Loom Knitting Guide & Patterns eBook by Kristen Mangus

My Loom Knitting Book is now available due to popular demand! yay!

Loom Knitting Book!

Hello everyone and thank you for your patience while I turned my eBook into a Paperback book! The Loom Knitting Book is now available to purchase on Amazon in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France and Spain so far. The Loom Knitting Book is still uploading to websites worldwide so some sites may show out of stock.  *(more below) By mid July it will be on 39,000 distributor websites worldwide as a print-on-demand book!

The Loom Knitting Book is called “Loom Knitting Guide & Patterns” (ISBN 978-0-9976329-1-0). It is full of charts, explanations, reference information and instructions.  Learn to read patterns, charts and convert needle patterns.  Also included are 10 patterns as well. The print book has 170 links included as endnotes with a master link to go online and visit all the sites; this way you will get just as much out of it as you would the PDF or Kindle version!

The 2nd Edition PDF version will remain on Ravelry, ETSY, and Gumroad but the Kindle & iBook versions will also be available online should you prefer that version.

If you’d like to get your own copy of the PAPERBACK Book version, click on the link below.

Loom Knitting Guide & Patterns 

by Kristen Mangus

Published by GoodKnit Kisses 2016

If you do order the book, would you be willing to write a review on Amazon? Since the release of the 1st edition PDF in Nov 2015 I’ve had many people write-up reviews and send the sweetest, most thoughtful notes!  I’m so grateful because this book was made just for you. I’d love to see some reviews on Amazon if you are able.  I really appreciate your help in making this book a success.


I have several things planned work alongside of this book and cannot wait to share them with you when the time comes.  Thank you for coming alongside me in this journey! Keep creating and learning, YOU make a difference in the lives around you with your handmade projects made with love.

My best to you and Happy Looming!! -Kristen

*I have set it to release today (06/20/16) so if you place an order it should still print this week and ship as soon as possible.  Originally I had it set to mid-July to wait on the other websites.  However, due to demand I moved up the date.  I’ll update this site if I start to see a change.


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Kristen Mangus
Kristen is a multi-talented entrepreneur with a heart as big as Texas. She is the Owner, Host and Creative Director of GoodKnit Kisses. GoodKnit Kisses is a company positioned to inspire, encourage and empower people through education and design. She’s built a large and loyal on-line community of followers by sharing her personal passion for knitting and all things creative through YouTube video tutorials, Facebook live broadcasts, blogs and patterns. Her vision is to leave an inspired crafting world for future generations that continues to teach and reach others. She and her husband, John, have three amazing kids.

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