November 29, 2019

How to Double Loom Knit a Chunky Brim Hat

Inside: Double loom knit ribbed brim hat on KB Looms’ Rotating Double Knit Loom! This post is sponsored by KB Looms.


Can you feel the chill of winter blowing in? I sure can and I want to be ready for it.

Bring on the double knits!

double loom knit chunky rib brim hat finished project on model
Cranberry Brim Beanie photo courtesy of KB Looms

Double knit fabric provides an extra thick layer of warmth that is ideal for all-day ski trips, snowman building marathons and Antarctic excursions.

KB Looms’ Rotating Double Knit Loom makes a double knit hat so easy. This unique loom allows you to double loom knit in the round.

The Cranberry Brim Beanie pattern from KB Looms features a chunky ribbed brim in contrast to the muted stockinette stripes of the hat. The beauty of the pattern is how easy it is to loom knit.

Bernat Pop color changing yarn provides the pop of color that also makes stripes simple to add in. NOTE: This pattern separates the colors in the yarn and adds the stripes individually. You can also make the hat in a solid color with a contrast brim. Any #4 medium weight yarn will work look great with this hat pattern!

double loom knit chunky rib brim hat finished project with rotating double knit loom

Let’s get started learning to double knit a hat!


  • Cranberry Brim Beanie pattern
  • KB Looms’ Rotating Double Knit Loom
  • 1 ball Bernat Pop yarn Color: Lipstick on Your Collar shown in video.
  • Loom hook
  • Crochet hook
  • Tapestry needle
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • 2 stitch markers
  • Row counter (optional)
double loom knit chunky rib brim hat supplies

If you love your Rotating Double Knit Loom check out the Alternate Rib Hat pattern too!

double loom knit chunky rib brim hat pin image

Double Loom Knit Chunky Rib Brim Hat Tutorial Video

Skills taught in this tutorial:
The tutorial shows you every step of the double loom knit chunky rib brim hat pattern. From the cast on to weaving in the yarn tails when it’s off the loom I want to make sure you can see the entire project from start to finish.

  • Cast on stockinette (single) with anchor yarn
  • Knit Brim using Chunky Open Rib stitch
  • Prepare brim to switch to stockinette stitch
  • Change colors
  • Double knit stockinette stitch for the main hat
  • Standard drawstring bind off
  • BONUS: Optional Double Knit Decreased Crown demo
  • Bind off at anchor yarn
  • Weave tail in ribbing
double loom knit chunky rib brim hat finished project

Old man winter called…. he said you better get loom knitting!

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    So hard do you get started?

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    I’ve had my rotating loom for a long, long time. This pattern is the one I’m using as my starting point. I love the look of the hat and am so grateful for this video! It feels like you’re right here guiding me along the way! Thanks for all you do!

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