March 8, 2012

PATTERN: Loom Knit Mesh Soap Bag (small drawstring sachet)

Mesh Soap Bag by Mary Walters
Pattern Published and edited by Kristen Mangus

(adapted from the “Loom Knit Mesh Bag” by Kristen Mangus)

12 peg (or other large gauge 12 peg) Knifty Knitter “Bloom” Loom
Skill Level: Beginner

USES: Small drawstring sachet size Mesh bag for soap or small items.  Add length in Ewrap rows to make a longer toothbrush caddy.

YARN:     2 balls cotton or cotton blend  (use scrap yarn)
Use two strands held as one. (Can add additional
strand(s) desired.)

(Watch for video tutorials on this bag design or SEE BELOW PATTERN POSTED)

Abbreviations:     EW = E-wrap         P = Purl

1.    Using both strands of yarn E-wrap Cast on 5 stitches to round 12 peg loom in a flat panel. Counter-clockwise to the starter peg, work as a flat panel in EW 10 rows making sure your working yarn is back to the starter peg for the next row.

2.    Leaving the panel on the loom, stretch the panel across the loom to the opposite side and place on pegs across. Now take the side stitches and place 2 stitch loops at a time (the two held as one) on adjacent pegs to stretch flat panel to fit on all pegs of the loom. Make sure to pick up ALL side stitches so your bag will not have an open hole. This is the bottom base of the bag. Wrap all pegs EW in a full circle and knit over leaving only 1 set of two strands (the two color choices). For example the side stitches have 3 sets of two before knitting over on a few pegs that have extra side stitches.

3.  Purl 2 rows
EW 5 rows
Purl 2 rows
EW 2 rows

4.   Loose Bind off – This is similar to the Basic bind off.  However, after each stitch moved over, and knit off, wrap the peg and knit off again before moving over. Begin Basic Bind off by wrapping the first leading peg & knitting off. (See GoodKnitKisses video tutorial for help)

5.    Using a size I, J or K crochet hook, chain 50 with both strands held as one. Do not tie yet.

Weave the chain into the top of the bag between the knit stitch columns, just below the cast off . Weave back and forth between the outside and inside of the bag till you come to the beginning end.  Tie the ends together and weave tail into the chain or simply cut off.  The tied in can be repositioned into the inside of the bag if you like.  Weave in all loose strands.  Add bar of soap and pull drawstring to close.

Hang bag up in shower or tub, wash as needed.  Suggest making one for each person using the bag with many on hand to switch out for hygiene. Be sure to inspect for mildew and clean.

Other uses Kristen suggests to use as a sachet for potpourri or scented candle chips, feminine hygiene packet for purse or bag, other small items (suggest using one more strand to hold small items).

Happy Looming!!

©2012 GoodKnit Kisses

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    This is a really good video. My bag came out perfect. Thank you for posting this!

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    I think I may use this, thank you!

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