January 26, 2018

Stadium Stripes Hat | Loom Knit

Stadium Stripes Hat -Loom Knit Hat in 2 sizes

Hear the cheers of the crowd. See the sea of colors of your favorite team surrounding you. The excitement in the air charges you up as wait for your team to take the field for the big game.  Stitch your love of the game into a hat to show your support! Make the Stadium Stripes Hat in your favorite team colors or in this fun field green and white to show your sports pride!

Special thanks to Lisa Albert for the inspiration in the hat and collaboration.  Lisa was stitching along with one of our tweed tutorials and turned it into a hat. I loved it so much we decided to tweak it a bit and have come up with a flexible design for your knitting looms. The Stadium Stripes Hat can be made in two sizes on the same loom!  Yes, that is right! We also had Robin Sperry test it as well. Thank you, ladies!

This pattern uses a Bulky-5 weight yarn in two contrasting colors.  Use green and white to stitch the field or choose the colors of your favorite team. It’s a great hat for a Super Bowl party or a kid’s soccer league. For the loom you will use a 5/8″ round loom with 48 pegs.  (Yes, that’s the purple KK loom or the Cindwood equivalent.)

Loom Knit the Stadium Stripes Hat in your favorite team colors. Be ready for the big game! #goodknitkisses #loomknitting #loomknit #knithat #teamcolors

Now you may ask, “How do you get two different sized hats from the same loom?”  I’m glad you asked!  Changing the type of knit stitch used will change the size.  See detailed instructions below. However you could make the whole hat in a U-knit stitch and get a smaller youth hat. A bulkier yarn will also make a tighter hat so be careful if you are trying to have a hat as large as possible.

Stadium Stripes Hat


Bernat® Softee® Chunky (3.5 oz/100 g; 108 yds/99 m)

Contrast A Emerald (28200) 1 ball

Contrast B White (28005) 1 ball


5/8″ gauge loom* with 48 pegs. (Knifty Knitter round purple hat loom or the Cindwood equivalent.)

Stitch marker

Measuring tape

Loom tool


Size to fit average woman’s head {larger men’s size see notes}.


Alt = Alternate(ing)

Approx = Approximate(ly)

Beg = Begin(ning)

Cont = Continue

K = True knit stitch (also called reverse purl) for women’s size; E-wrap knit stitch for men’s size

UK = U-Knit stitch

K2tog = Knit next 2 stitches together

P = Purl

Pat = Pattern

Rem = Remain(ing)

Rep = Repeat

Rnd(s) = Round(s)

Sl = Slip with yarn in back of peg. Place working yarn in back of peg to carry the color on the Wrong Side.

St(s) = Stitch(es)


The Stadium Stripes Hat uses different knit stitches to change both size and tension throughout the hat.  For the women’s hat you will use the U-knit stitch for the brim and the true knit stitch for the rest of the hat.  On the men’s hat you need to use the U-knit stitch for the brim and the E-wrap knit stitch for the remainder of the hat to ensure that you get proper sizing.

Loom Knit the Stadium Stripes Hat in your favorite team colors. Be ready for the big game! #goodknitkisses #loomknitting #loomknit #knithat #teamcolors


With A cast on 48 sts. Join in rnd, placing marker on peg 1 for beg of rnd. (I recommend the Long tail cast on).


1st rnd: *UK1. P1. Rep from * around. (Remember to use the U-knit stitch for brim; both sizes)

Rep last rnd of ribbing for 2″ [5 cm].

Proceed in Slip Stitch Tweed Pat as follows:

(Special Note: Use the true knit stitch for women’s size; use E-wrap knit stitch for men’s size.)

Rnd 1: With A, K3. *Sl1. K3.  Repeat from * to last st. Sl1. 

Rnd 2: With A, P3. *Sl1. P3. Repeat from * to last st. Sl1.

Rnd 3: With B, K1. *Sl1. K3. Repeat from * to last 3 sts. Sl1. K2.

Rnd 4: With B, P1. *Sl1. P3. Repeat from * to last 2 sts Sl1. P2.

These 4 rnds form Slip Stitch Tweed Pat. Cont in pat until work from beg measures approx 8″ [20 cm] (8.5″-9″ for men’s size) ending on Row 2 or 4. Break yarn B.

Loom Knit the Stadium Stripes Hat in your favorite team colors. Be ready for the big game! #goodknitkisses #loomknitting #loomknit #knithat #teamcolors

Shape top (crown):

1st rnd: With A. *K4. K2tog. Rep from * around. 40 sts.

2nd and alt rnds: Knit.

3rd rnd: *K3. K2tog. Rep from * around. 32 sts.

5th rnd: *K2. K2tog. Rep from * around. 24 sts.

6th rnd: Knit.

Break yarn, leaving a long end. Thread end through rem sts and draw up tightly. Fasten securely.

Optional: Make and sew on a two-color pom pom!


Should you wish to use another loom the hat stitch count must be divisible by 8 and also 6 for the main stitch pattern and the crown technique:
24 peg
48 peg
72 peg
96 peg

These numbers would work for other looms with other yarn weights. If you want a different crown technique just make sure the main hat is divisible by 8.


Stadium Stripes Hat PIN Image

Tutorial Videos! – I’ve made two videos showing that hat worked in both directions.  I We all have our favorite way to wrap and I wanted you to be able to see this stitch pattern both ways.  Enoy!

Make two colors pom pom.

I hope you enjoyed making the Stadium Stripes Hat!

If you make this project be sure to share it on social media with #goodknitkisses.  I can’t wait to see them!

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  1. Hi Kristen Love the hat, but not so happy with my printed pattern. It took 20 pages on my printed ADVERTS AND ALL. Do you have the pattern written in a more abbreviated form, so it makes the paper more manageable.

    • Oh no! That’s not good at all, Barb! Let me create a downloadable version of the pattern instructions and link it to the page.

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