February 13, 2021

Announcing: 2020 Loom Knit Pattern Bundle Special Offer!

Inside: 2020 Loom Knit Pattern Bundle from GoodKnit Kisses includes 16 patterns in one PDF download.


It’s that we’re still trying to forget in many ways.

But it honestly wasn’t all bad. More time with family, more time focusing on what’s important in life, and lots more time to loom knit.

I published 16 loom knit patterns in 2020 including the Easy Going Knit Sweater. All these patterns are on my blog and will stay there for those that want to come back time and again to get them for free.

But if you like to have a printable pattern without the blog ads you may be interested in this special deal.

The 2020 Loom Knit Pattern Bundle includes all 16 designs combined into one downloadable, interactive PDF. This PDF is available on both Etsy and Ravelry.

What’s in the 2020 Loom Knit Pattern Bundle?

  1. Easy Going Loom Knit Sweater
  2. Teacher Thank You Not Blanket
  3. Picot Petals and Stars
2020 loom knit pattern bundle
Easy Going Knit Sweater (left)
Picot Petals and Stars (top right)
Teacher Thank You Note Blanket (bottom right)
  1. Edelweiss Hat
  2. Bobble Button Newsboy Hat
  3. Basic Family Hats
  4. Ribbed Headband
2020 loom knit pattern bundle
Edelweiss Hat (top left), Basic Family Hats (top right)
Bobble Button Newsboy (bottom left), Ribbed Headband (bottom right)
  1. Basic Dishcloth
  2. Grandma’s Favorite Dishcloth
  3. Seed Dishcloths
  4. Corner to Corner (C2C) Mock Mitered Square (1 or 2 color)
  5. Traditional Mitered Square
  6. Striped Mitered Square
  7. Short Rowed Mitered Square (1 or 2 color)
  8. Basic Coasters
  9. Seed Coasters

This bundle is worth almost $50, but I want to give you a chance to get it for a significant discount.

2020 loom knit pattern bundle
Short Rowed Mitered Square (top left), Seed Coasters (top right)
Seed Dishcloths (bottom left), C2C Mock Mitered Square (bottom right)

Get the Bundle!

This bundle of 16 patterns is valued at over $47.00, but I want to give a special discount for the first 30 days. Use the coupon code below at either Ravelry or Etsy to get a HUGE discount.

You can get the 2020 Loom Knit Pattern Bundle for only $16:
Coupon Code: GKK2020

Just follow the links below to get yours today!


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